China Glaze Oxygen

After my little soiree with Color Club Who Are You Wearing? I started to think about other semi nudes I have in my collection. China Glaze Oxygen came to mind. It was originally released as part of China Glaze’s 2007 Creme Couture collection though I picked it up sometime later in some kind of nail crises I can only assume as this colors is so not me. This polish had been collecting dust in my Melmer for quite some time and though I remember the formula being somewhat problematic I wanted to give it another try.

Oxygen is a creamy light nude with distinctive pink undertones. Another nude that is really quite flattering against my skintone. But as I feared, the formula was dreadful. Dreadful! Not only was it thin and runny it was also streaky. I was happy with the coverage after 3 coats but had to use 4 on some nails to further even out the streaks.

Another nude nail polish experiment has failed. I really want to try a couple nude polishes from Revlon that some of you recommended but if you have any other suggestions for a nude without a terrible formula I’m all ears!

There are more swatches below the jump 🙂




14 responses to “China Glaze Oxygen

  1. Despite your frustrations with the formula, the application looks flawless! My all-time favorite nude is Essie Topless & Barefoot.

  2. I think this looks way better than you are giving it credit for. Come post holiday time you will welcome this clean slate look. Also I find I like to use these sheer nudes to make glitter sandwiches with. I really like to use Sparke de Triomphe from OPI with a shade like this or Nubar White/Black Polka dots – or my all time fav for doing lots with – OPI’s Pirouette My Whistle. I don’t have this ChG shade and have not bought any of their semi sheers for eons. I have some super old OPI ones left from when French and Am. manis were all we were wearing late 90’s…then I got all the shades this past yr when OPI released their NYC Ballet collection – floored me how much I loved them.

  3. I agree with Essie Topless & Barefoot as a good nude too. Many love OPI Tickle my Francy (it’s a tish too pink for me). I really like Deborah Lippmann Naked a lot. Barre My Soul by OPI from the NYC Ballet is a good one IF you want a sheer that is -but I think you are looking for a good coverage opaque. I have quite a few but need to look through my stash/database to come up with more names – seems I have Sunday it’s too hot brain syndrome today! Gads – get away hot weather that is hitting the Central Coast of CA beaches – it’s over 90 in the house and up in the high 80’s outside with no wind at all…it’s frigging almost Nov and i am still in shorts and sandals!

  4. OPI Did You ‘ear About Van Gogh is my favorite nude polish! The formula is good and it has really opaque coverage.

  5. Jolis Matins from Lancome Vernis in Love applies very easily, and it’s a pretty nude-beige color.

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  7. if you’re looking for a nude with a little more visual interest, I LOVE Cult Nails Crusin’ Nude. It covers completely in two easy coats that practically paint themselves on, and the pink shimmer is subtle enough for the polish to still feel like a palate cleanser but gives it a little something extra that keeps it from feeling “boring.”

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