Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Patch-o-Lanterns

I can’t believe it’s almost time for Halloween! It’s one of my favorite holidays! I also don’t mind that most holidays mean new limited edition sets from Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects line!

Alli has already reviewed two: Numbskull and Batty For You and had a great experience with both! Now it’s my turn to show you Patch-o-Lanterns!

First off, I don’t really understand the name – why not Jack-o-Lanterns? Though I guess pumpkin… pumpkin patch… unless it’s just some random pop culture reference I’m missing. Regardless, it’s a cute design and I absolutely love carved pumpkins – I haven’t carved a pumpkin since I was a kid and it’s something I’ve been itching to do the last few years. Lucky for me, I get to wear them on my fingers!

Even though I’m loving the little orange pumpkins on my tips, I had a less than perfect experience. From a distance I think they look great – but close up you can see the trouble I ran into. For more pictures and details about my experience, click below.

Otherwise, Happy Saturday – and may all of our East Coast friends stay dry and keep their power (I have my own fingers crossed for that one!).


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The first thing I noticed was that the strips were very flimsy – not something I’ve ever noticed before and when I peeled off the backing they became wrinkly and slightly difficult to apply. Usually I can save the other half of the strip for my other hand – not true this time. You can see on one of my fingers where the black is stretched and the orange is starting to crack through and I have a partial fingerprint left on another finger.The strips were stuck to my fingers when I was applying them.

Now… on to my guesses as to why this happened. Maybe my hands were too warm? Though, I didn’t do anything different.They also spent some time in the mail from Alli’s house to mine, who knows what happened along the way.

Final Verdict: At the end of the day, I’m really too much of a perfectionist when it comes to my nails and no one but the most avid of polish lovers would notice these issues. They are very cute and perfect for Halloween.


2 responses to “Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Patch-o-Lanterns

  1. I had to look twice – at first glance I thought you had OPI Spotted here over an orange cream! I like how this one does not look a ton like wallpaper for nails which I think a lot of the SH nail apps do. This is an easy to go nail art just about anyone could do..though I would not want to wait to try these nail apps for the first time if I was counting on it being part of my Halloween costume look – and I should be saying ‘what Halloween costume?’ I am so not into dressing up even if I get dragged to a party. Was at one last night a few folk came in dress ups – most were not into it too much and have to admit, some I could not guess what the heck they were supposed to be…so what’s wrong with going as an old rag man bum type like I did the last few yrs I went trick o treating as a kid (ya know when you thought you were too old to get into costume but you still wanted to romp off to the neighborhood with friends)…we always got dressed up as sloppy old dirty looking somethings then! No reason I should not celebrate like mad for Halloween since the 31st is my birthday!

    • Oh how I wish it was OPI Spotted! I’d never thought about the “wallpaper” thing but I totally agree.

      I meant to edit – but the second little package of strips worked much better, my hands may have been too warm for round one 🙂

      Happy Belated Birthday!!

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