Lex Cosmetics – Acroiris

Ever since Alli posted her gorgeous mani: Acroiris over Essie’s No Place like Chrome -I knew I had to try it over gold. I was already wearing one of my favorite gold polishes, OPI’s Glitzerland, on Saturday so it was the perfect opportunity to try it out!

Unlike Alli who has a cool skintone leading her to use silver as a base, I used gold to compliment my warmer skintone.

I absolutely love that Acroiris has 3 different sizes of glitter all showing off their sparkle in purple, silver, orange, yellow-gold, blue and green. Even though the predominant color in  Acroiris is silver, it looked great against my light gold background.

This may just be the polish that renews my love for glitter. I’ve stayed away from glitter for several months now. Mostly because of my middle nail split (we all know that glitter is a bear to remove!) and partially because I was preferring shimmers and cremes.

For more thoughts and a bonus swatch, click below! Happy Wednesday!



I really think every girl needs a great rainbow glitter layering polish in their collection. While I own Wet n Wild’s Pary of Five Glitters, it didn’t impress me nearly as much as Acroiris. 

Alli wrote a very detailed post on Acroiris, so if you’d like more information – head over here! Overall, I think this is a great festive polish – it can spice up any manicure or be layered over a metallic for a glitzy party or holiday look.

If you haven’t tried this brand out yet – you definitely should. All of the polishes are the brainchild of polish fans! You can head over to Lex Cosmetics to shop or submit your idea for a polish!

The product(s) used in this post were provided to TDV for review. For more information check out our disclosure policy.


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