Sally Hansen Salon Effects Batty For You

I won’t lie. Last year when Katie was wearing her Ghoulie Girl Sally Hansen Salon Effects I was totally jealous. The ghosts were just so cute and I love Halloween!

Back in September I spotted Sally Hansen’s Halloween 2012 Salon Effects display. It was September and it was still so hot here in Charlotte I just wasn’t into Halloween yet. Now that we’re heading towards mid October and the weather has cooled down significantly I am definitely into the Halloween spirit. All of the designs are adorable but I was really drawn to the bats. The design is 3 of my favorite things wrapped into one. Purple, black and Halloween!

Batty For You features black bats with a dark, but not too dark, purple background. I like that the bats are small and go in all different directions. This makes the nail art a bit more subtle and appropriate for everyday life.

I am a huge fan of Sally Hansen Salon Effects. I’ve tried alot of nail polish strips or appliques…whatever the given company wants to call them and Sally Hansen are by far my favorite. The application is super easy and the wear is amazing. I did an entire post on the wear, application and removal of Salon Effects so if you’re interested in all that check it out here.

Make sure to check below the jump for many, many more pictures!

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7 responses to “Sally Hansen Salon Effects Batty For You

  1. Oh, this is so stinkn cute! I would wear that all year round. :]

  2. I have not seen these anywhere yet and I have been actively looking for them. Sally Hansen makes my favorite polish strips as well.

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