petites Wicked!

I know what you’re thinking. Neon in October Alli? Really? I know! It seems a bit ridiculous but I can’t seem to shake my animal print + neon obsession. It’s bad. So of course when I was rocking a leopard print dress the other day I convinced myself that one last neon manicure was completely acceptable for the year. I figured if Carly Rae Jepson can pull of a neon green manicure with a sequined dress I can certainly pull one off in October!

Anyway. Wicked! is a super bright yellow based green neon. I mean…REALLY bright! It’s basically Wet n Wild Nerd Alert: Screech without the shimmer.

On its own the formula doesn’t really work. It has a bit of a jelly feel to it and after applying three coats I quickly decided over white was the way to go. I applied 2 coats of Ulta Snow White and topped that with 2 coats of Wicked! and I had myself a neon green manicure.

I really loved this manicure. Granted it’s completely inappropriate for the season but it was such a nice change from all the dark colors I’ve been wearing lately.

This is only the second polish from the petites line that I’ve tried and I must say I’m a fan. The other polish I have is You Go Girl! which is also a neon so hopefully soon I’ll try a non neon petites polish!

Petites polishes are sold at Rite Aid as well as on the CQ cosmetics website and retail for $3. Definitely a great cheap thrill!

Make sure to check below the jump for swatches of Wicked over white. It’s like an entirely different polish!

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3 responses to “petites Wicked!

  1. Actually I think this mani is very appropriate for October/Halloween! Especially with a name like Wicked… makes me think of witches, I can’t help it. Thanks for your post!

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