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Some of you might remember a post I did on Tennis Ball Nails. I used my DIY Velvet Manicure technique to make my nails look like a tennis ball. It was such a fun manicure to do and I’ve received so much positive feedback about it. But I was very surprised when I was contacted by Forty Love, a digital tennis magazine published in The Netherlands. They wanted to use a picture of my manicure in their magazine. Of course I said heck yes!

The entire magazine is in Dutch so I have no clue what was actually said about my manicure but it’s cool none the less.

Click here to check it out and if anyone knows Dutch I’d love a loose translation!

And once again I want to thank all of you for being so supportive. Doing this blog is so much fun for me and a great creative outlet. I can hardly imagine life without The Daily Varnish!

10 responses to “The Daily Varnish + Forty Love

  1. Alli – that’s fab! It always blows my mind still to know that companies (lg and sm) are spending time looking at blogs and paying attention to potential customer base generation from that direction. It can be a daunting task to find things in the mega maze that is the Internet now.

    I always wondered how the ‘fuzzy nails’ did when one washes their hands/takes a shower. Guess ‘the fur’ just dries off pretty fast?

    I am Swedish and not much good with Dutch. But I will go over there and take a look see. Did you try using Google translator? Sometimes you can read enough to make sense of most things.

    • I’m so glad companies are paying more and more attention to bloggers. That way they know what WE want! Which is great.

      I was so worried about the water issue the first time I did a “Velvet Manicure”. But honestly, the flocking powder doesn’t soak up any water!

  2. Big fail – I don’t read or speak but a few words of German so Dutch really fails me. As you already know I am sure, the magazine site is text protected…so cannot right click and ‘grab’ the text to take it to a new page to work an on line translator program. I am too lazy to hand copy it all letter by letter and then ‘plug’ that into a translator. But from what I can manage to grovel with, it’s well written, to the point, flattering of the concept and provides as you can tell, a link to your blog. So…that’s where you come in…keep that TOP POST DIY Velvet Manicure visible…maybe try to think of another way to provide an easy to find link in your Word Press layout other than just the reference to Velvet Manicure under top posts – like do a tab for a short time to a new page that has a direct to that page is one idea that crossed my mind. However, most of the Dutch readers will be English speaking/reading literate. And WP is supported in Europe – many use WP for blogging over there. And if folks are subscribed to an on line tennis magazine, they probably are going to be better than your average bear of how tos in navigating a blog site.

    This is kind of a really bad take on what the blurb says: “Well look at this. What we have here is a nail polish (lacquer job) in Wimbledon style….then something about it being reminicient of the grass courts seen recently during Olympic tennis play at the All England Club. It’s a blend of nail polish with flocking powder. Instructions can be found at”

    I would think you could get a correct translation if you wanted to email back to your magazine contact and ask for same. Just don’t tell me how far off I am!!! Born and raised in the US – only learned to speak/write Swedish in the really poor job my family did and I had a Swedish pen-pal as a kid…but she wrote me in perfect English – just funky handwriting I thought as a kid looking at what clearly looked like foreign cursive writing to me at that young age!

    • Hey, you did alot better than I could ever do! Thank you so much for looking into it 🙂

      And thank you so much for the suggestions re: the Velvet Manicure post. I will definitely talk to Katie about that. Great idea.

  3. That’s pretty awesome 🙂
    I’m Dutch so here’s a translation for you. It’s a bit of a free translation ’cause some phrases wouldn’t really make sense otherwise 🙂
    “Tennis Nails. Would you like to try something different? Here’s a suggestion: Doing your nail Wimbledon-style. It was a huge hit during the Olympics, when they played the courts of the All England Club! Necessities: Green nail polish and flocking powder. Instructions are available at”

  4. shortandsweetintexas

    Congratulations! That is awesome!

  5. I was ghastly off on my translation – got the ideas but your skill shines like a great shinny top coat! Thanks. Was hoping someone did read Dutech.

  6. Awesome! Congrats! I can’t help w/the Dutch translation. Let me know if you need Spanish though. 😉

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