Nail Art: Going Baroque

Thanks to Dolce & Gabanna baroque inspired garments are a huge trend for fall. Tiny Fey’s gorgeous gown with baroque inspired details at the 2012 Emmy’s really won me over. As much as I want to jump on the baroque bandwagon I’m not yet ready to dive in head first.

I figured an easy way to get my feet wet was to try some baroque inspired nail art. As it turns out, this wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Baroque garments are incredibly detailed. Finally, after looking through seemingly endless pictures of fall 2012 fashion shows, I realized I was overlooking the obvious. What makes baroque isn’t necessarily the intrinsic details but the colors. Almost all the baroque inspired pieces were a rich dark color with an overlay of gold or silver.

For the base color of my baroque inspired manicure I used Essie Stylenomics then sponged on Orly Rage with a wet makeup sponge (for a full tutorial click here). I was kind of obsessed with this manicure! I absolutely loved it.

As always, there are more swatches below the jump!

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13 responses to “Nail Art: Going Baroque

  1. I am a big fan of Orly Rage since i found it right before holiday last yr. Think it was a re-promote then of 3 shades being used for NYE. I have to try sponging it…never have done that with this shade. I don’t typically wear brown polishes in this hue – they give me lobster hands. I have to play around to see what I would be able to wear with Rage sponged over…I did see this past summer that Rage and some other shades released last yr from Orly are now part of their regular line up on the classic wall in Sallys and recently saw it in a CVS as well – nice to know others can get this great shade.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! I own Rage but rarely use it. I don’t have Stylenomics though. I wonder if I could substitute Sally Hansen Plum Luck for a purple take on this look?

  3. This mani looks awesome. I have never tried sponging before but this makes me want to! With Rage over it, Stylenomics definitely looks more black than green.

  4. Very nice! A great interpretation of a trend!

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