Nail Art: Polka Dot Fade

What? More polka dot nail art? It can’t be! Alli isn’t in love with polka dots or anything!

When I tweeted a picture of this manicure I used the hash tag #addictedtopolkadots. And that is completely accurate. If something comes in a polka dot pattern, I have it. Whether it be shoes, or a dress, or a purse. So it’s only natural to extend this obsession to nail art, right?

I started this manicure thinking it was going in one direction and it ended up going in another. I knew I wanted to use butter LONDON Royal Navy as a base color. Then I decided to add some white polka dots using a DIY dotting tool with Ulta Snow White (and yes, I really did buy a new bottle of Snow White!). Instead of making the polka dots evenly spaced on the nail I put more at the top and let them fade to the bottom of the nail.

After adding the white polka dots I didn’t love my manicure. I liked it…but I wasn’t in love with it. To address this issue I decided to add more polka dots in a different color. I wanted to do a light blue but so many light blue polishes are thin and not very opaque. Julep Jessica is the exception to that rule. I used it for my light blue polka dots and it worked just find over dark navy.

I really loved the way this manicure turned out. Keeping the polishes in a similar color family added a subtleness to this manicure that I liked quite a bit.

To check out other polka dot nail art I’ve done click here!

As always there are more swatches below the jump 🙂









7 responses to “Nail Art: Polka Dot Fade

  1. That’s super cute! And you do a very neat job. (-: would love to try this.

  2. I did the same manicure with a navy base and dots to match my floral dress, it’s so easy yet it’s my most popular post on facebook! I’m also dotty about dots! x

  3. missprissdoesablog

    Thank you for the idea! I also recreated it and posted it on my Facebook page, Beauty Cupcakes. I also used your ideas for the dotting tools. Thank you, Alli!

  4. shortandsweetintexas


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