Fall 2012: Must Have Polishes

It is officially fall and I could not be happier! I am ready to put away the sundresses and get out the boots and sweaters. I am even more ready for fall nail polish colors.

In the past I’ve done posts on the 5 nail polishes every girl should own and Summer 2012 Must Have Polishes. Those were such fun posts to put together that I wanted to do one for Fall 2012.

Below the jump are my 5 must have polishes for fall 2012. Make sure to leave a comment with your 5 must have polishes!


1. Oxblood: Or Burgundy. Or Chianti. Whatever you want to call it! This is the number one must have color for fall. It’s everywhere in fashion and quickly extending to beauty by way of lipstick. Burgundy lipstick can be difficult to pull of but it’s easy to pull off burgundy nail polish. My all time favorite from this color range is OPI St. Petersburgundy. Other good options include OPI Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ and Essie Berry Hard.

Essie Bahama Mama2. Plum: The Cut (NY Mag’s fashion and beauty blog) did a post the other day on 30 Ways to Wear Plum for Fall. One way was of course nail polish! This season’s plums have a distinct red undertone. Essie Bahama Mama is a great polish from this color range. Essence Plum Perfect is a more affordable option. There are, of course, the more purple plum polishes that are also on trend. Revlon Plum Night is a favorite!

3. Gray: This seems like the nail polish color that just won’t go away! Truthfully gray is a great nail polish color. It’s neutral but not boring and matches just about anything. Pantone is calling this season’s grays “titanium” which lack that slight purple undertone of season’s past. My current favorite gray is OPI Berlin There Done That, but a more affordable option is petites COLOR FEVER Vintage Gray.

4. Teal: Finally, some color! Teal’s for this year lean towards the green side. Katie obviously saw this coming when she created Atlantic with Lex Cosmetics! Other great teal options include butter LONDON Slapper, NYC Mint Breeze and LA Colors Atomic (which I am wearing right now and will be posting this week. When I do I’ll update this post….).

5. Dusty pinks and roses: Anything in the pink or rose family that has a dusty quality to it is a definite must have neutral for fall. I prefer the rose end of the spectrum like Revlon ColorStay Vintage Rose but there are also some lovely colors on the more pink side like Essie Eternal Optimist. If you’re looking for something with a little shimmer Zoya Felicity should do the trick!

As far as finishes go, cremes are definitely ruling for the moment. But don’t worry, as soon as winter comes around those shimmery jewel tones that scream HOLIDAY PARTY will be all the rage.

Do you have any favorites that would fit in these categories that I left out? If so, please let us know about them! Also, don’t forget to leave your 5 must have fall polishes in a comment below 🙂


19 responses to “Fall 2012: Must Have Polishes

  1. Excellent selection!!!! My picks: Red: China Glaze Adventure Ready, Plum: Opi We’ll always have Paris, dark Blue: Butter London Royal Navy, Brown/Grey: BB Couture Jealousy, and as a 5th I would take a special effect like Zoya Paloma

  2. These are good ones – I am not ready yet to wear the really dark shades cause it’s so hot still where I live and will be for another 3+ weeks at least. But done with the neons.
    REDS: I reach for reds when in doubt because they work for me all seasons of the yr with just a few specialty reds that only work at holiday time. Reds I like a lot right now are Nubar Rossa, OPI Little Red Wagon, Zoya Reva, OPI DS Indulgence, OPI Vodka & Caviar. I have a Barry M red that is similar to V&C and a great cream – need to wear the new red cream from ChG fall 2012 – Adventure Red-y.
    GRAY: I am still OK with wearing the grays that have some purple or gray/blue to them. I love reaching for Parle vouis OPI? (a grayed lavender), Zoya Catlin for a blued/gray. But I like ChG Elephant Walk a ton and that’s got nothing but gray in it. Like wearing it right now with an overlay of something like the Nubar Black Polka Dot (or the white works too or a mix of em both). I like to do the Gray with super thin tip color in a med. burgandy…I need to get a gray that is a tish darker but not as dark as Nein Nein from OPI fall or a couple I have that are way darker gray from Essie older collections. I like OPI’s Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous! Marvelous (Swiss collection).
    BLUES: In the blue range I like to reach for ChG First Mate and also OPI RoadHouse Blues with an overlay of Kleancolor Blue Eye Girl. A blue I adore reaching for but am hording it is OPI’s DS Royal – It’s sheer and takes 5 coats to build up. Love to put this one on with a coat of Revlon Pina Colada over it to pull out the turq glass flecks & then wear a Stripe Rite tip on it in a magenta foil shade that further pulls out the 2 colors of glass fleck in Royal. I need to try and use a blue cream base on it to make Royal go further but hate to loose the looking all the way through it look it gives on it’s own.
    BROWNS: Browns I don’t do too well so I will turn to something like ChG Desert Sun kind of colors (OPI and Apple Pie, OPI Ginger Bells) – the warmer more caramel browns work on me). I still like the gray/browns like You Don’t Know Jacque (OPI) – it’s a tish dark for me just yet however. The browns in range of Octoberfest and Germanicure are too dark for me at this point when I am still in shorts and sandals.
    PLUMS: Instead of plums, I lean for fuchsia (I do plums later when I an deal with a darker vampy shade). For fuchsias I reach for OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia (night brights collection but in the classic stock line still I think) & OPI Let me Entertain You (from the holiday 2010 Burlesque collection).
    MIXED UP SHADES: I also like to grab some that are just kind of classless – like Meet Me On the Starr Ferry (OPI Hong Kong collection) & Color To Watch (OPI Swiss collection). I am liking the new Orly Preamp this fall too – it’s purple/pink/mauve and wears darker than looks in the bottle plus gets darker as you build up 2-3 layers.
    TEAL: I like to pull in teal creams in Sept in support of Ovarian Cancer awareness – I want to buy the new ChG teal from their fall collection but cannot justify it – have a ton of teals…one I reach for often is Sally Hanson Fairy Teal from the Complete Salon Collection and one from OPI Switzerland collection called Ski Teal We Drop. I like a teal cream by Diamond Cosmetics a lot too.
    GREENS: Not many here for me – most are too summer like for me or look like holiday green or St. Patty’s day. I would wear OPI’s Jade is the New Black this fall. I have a Sinful I have not tried called In the Mist I think it is. Might be too dark for me just yet.
    Mauve Dusty Rose: One you did not put into your groups here is anything in a dusty rose shade which is coming back into popularity here – next yr we will see a lot of this hitting again – it’s been a grandma shade for some time now..but Marathin was a huge hit out of Essie’s Yogogo collection. I like to do more dusty in fall than that one like ChG 5th Avenue. That’s where I lean when Oct breast cancer awareness hits & I want to support the pink.

    Love to see you do a # of posts on pinks to wear for Oct BCA month as many folks are into Halloween manis and the oranges/blacks are calling. Cannot get much opposite those than pinks! I need some ideas for more pinks that work for fall to show my support for the cause. I have some in mind but thinking some lean too orange like OPI’s I Eat Mainly Lobster from fall 2011. Those don’t ‘read’ BCA color to me and I sure don’t want to go all month in dusty rose calling it pink and fuchsia does not read BCA. Maybe I will dig out my old OPI Nantucket Mist – sure it’s discontinued now.

    Last that is big this fall but I have not gone there (yet) are nudes. I cannot pull off any that are chalky white and right now not feeling any nudes.

    Sorry for the loooong comment – I got on a role here. Polish is been on my brain the past days with really feeling I need to step my game up out of the reds and teals I have been reaching for and fearing Oct coming soon. I don’t like the Halloween look – love oranges but not the Halloween orange – like to wear classy oranges, not Crayola orange.

    • Vodka & Caviar is one of my most wanted polishes! And I’m a huge fan of Flashbulb Fuchsia. You have a ton of good suggestions! Thank you 🙂

      Early fall I tend to alternate between the extremely dark and some lighter shades. I’ll try to do some pinks for BCA…thought that may be more of a Katie thing. She loves pinks!

  3. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Red Zin is such a pretty fall color! Jellyish/Creme, 2 coats for full opacity, and everytime I look at my fingers I feel like it’s fall even though it’s still 90 degrees outside =)

    • I have a SH Complete Salon Manicure I’m obsessed with called Madame X though it was LE. I’ll have to check out Red Zin. I’m a sucker for a good red!

  4. I love the colours in this post! Among my favourite colours for fall are Barielle “U-Concrete-Me” and e.l.f. “Mod Mauve”. I think the creme finishes are very fall-appropriate.

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  6. In the oxblood/red/burgundy category I recommend L’oreal Haute Couture Red. This is my current favorite color. I recently found a lovely gray by accident: Pure Ice Kiss Me Here. I was going to pick up another bottle of Silver Mercedes for stamping but accidently grabbed this. Awesome crelly 🙂

  7. Update meeee. Seattle Sunshine would very much like to be given some love here.

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