OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!

Never did I think I’d be calling a color like You Don’t Know Jacques! a classic but it has become a classic! Originally released as part of OPI’s Fall 2008 La Collection de France it is now part of OPI’s classics line. You Don’t Know Jacques was the (surprising) break out hit of that collection and has become a must own for all nail polish addicts and non addicts alike.

You Don’t Know Jacques is a muddy creamy gray. Yes, that sounds horrible. Even ugly! But is actually a gorgeous neutral on the nail. The brown undertones make the color almost surprising on the nail.

The formula is my only complaint when it comes to this polish. It’s a bit on the thin side therefore three coats are required.

Do you have this in your collection? If not, what are you waiting for!

There are more swatches below the jump 🙂


7 responses to “OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!

  1. Have and have bought it for at least 3 folks who were starting to get bit by the need a polish collection bug – each one of them it’s in their top favs. Actually I did not wear it at all last winter. But I have been thinking I need to look for it now. I got bit by the Ms Obama bug over these muddy shades and not ready to wear darker vampy shades yet as still in shorts and sandals where I live (temps still up there).

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  5. You don’t know Jacques? I have to have this, my name is Jacques (I am the only female I know on the planet called Jacques) and my girlfriend just sent me this ad. I laughed at the description “muddy creamy gray…sounds ugly…..but gorgeous on…” lol. where can I buy me some? cant wait to tell my friends.

    • It’s part of OPI’s Classics collection. You should be able to track it down anywhere OPI polishes or sold. Or Amazon is always a good place to look 🙂

      How cool is it to have a polish with your name!? I’m jealous!

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