Nail Art: Crackle Stripes

Every time I do one of these posts I go on about how I’m so over the crackle/shatter/fractured, etc trend. Which is true…but I do think crackle polish can be used in other ways. Several months ago I did crackle tips which I ended up loving. I was going to do that for this manicure but decided instead to try out doing crackle stripes.

The base color for this manicure is Sephora by OPI Club Scene Queen which is gorgeous on it’s own. To add the crackle stripes I used OPI White Shatter. I cut pieces of tape and used two tape strips per nail. All I did after that was fill in the gaps with White Shatter, remove the tape and apply a top coat. That was it!

This is so easy to do and I really loved the look. And of course, the color combinations are endless!

There are more swatches below the jump. I’d love to know if your thoughts on this super simple nail art and if you’re going to give it a try!


4 responses to “Nail Art: Crackle Stripes

  1. That is a pretty shade in the OPI for Sephora. I don’t follow those shades anymore. If I am in a store, I look at what is in stock. I think my issue with them is the extra cost over the regular OPI line – but also I never want to get the larger bottles – reminds me of Nicole for OPI and Orly – too much polish – rare that I have ever gone through a full bottle of anything but for maybe 3 shades that I have been gaga for in the past 15 yrs. Like you I am over crackles but did see your tips and liked that – also like this – it’s a fresh look.

    • I’m not much of a Sephora by OPI fan for the same reason. Unless I see a polish that looks super unique I usually pass!

      I’m glad you like the crackle stripes! I keep trying to come up with ways to use those crackle polishes that are collecting dust 🙂

  2. I really love this look! This manicure is actually the reason I decided not to skip this month’s Julep Maven box. I figured I may not love crackle, but I can find some interesting ways to get creative with it. Thanks for the great idea!

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