butter LONDON Royal Navy

I tried so hard to stay away from Ulta the day they had butter LONDON polishes buy one get one free. Realistically, the last thing I needed was more nail polish. But eventually I broke down and headed to Ulta. I just couldn’t resist such a good deal! I knew I wanted to get Lady Muck. It’s a polish I’ve been wanting for ages. But I wasn’t sure what other polish I wanted to get.

Royal Navy caught my eye because it looks like ink in the bottle. You know, like ink they would have used with feather pens back in the day. It more or less translates on the nail just that way. The formula is a bit thinner than the normal butter LONDON formula but goes on beautifully. I used two coats and was left with a gorgeous deep navy creme.

butter LONDON describes this polish as “nautical and naughty, this is the answer to your navy blue nail lacquer dreams.” This blue doesn’t scream nautical to me, but it might just be the answer to by navy blue nail polish dreams 🙂

Funny enough, this isn’t the only polish in my collection called Royal Navy. Orly also has a polished named Royal Navy though it is not navy at all but it is a gorgeous polish.

The only potential dupe I have in my collection is Nina Ultra Pro Sailor. I do think Royal Navy is a bit darker but Sailor is a cheaper option if you’re trying to get your navy fix on the cheap.

Let me know what you picked up during Ulta’s butter LONDON sale! I’m always looking for butter LONDON polishes to try.

There are more swatches below the jump.


15 responses to “butter LONDON Royal Navy

  1. I bought Trustafarian and Dodgy Barnett and I’m anxiously awaiting UPS XD

  2. Looks a bit like OPI Road House Blues to me – maybe Rd House is darker. I have given up on Butter London. I have a bunch of gliters from them that are really thick and gooey – then have some shimmers that are like water thin. Most of my creams by them are just OK formula but the shades that I have in cream from them are not worth paying the higher $ when I can usually find something in the same range and better formula from ChG or OPI.

    • I forgot about Road House Blues! Ulta Moody Blues is an almost dupe for RHB….I to pull Moody Blues out of my stash and compare it to Royal Navy.

      Your experience with BL is the complete opposite of mine! Granted, I’ve never used a glitter from BL, but I absolutely love the polishes I have.

  3. Guess I save myself a ton of $ not living within 500+ miles of any Ulta!

  4. It does look a lot like Road house Blues…bet it would look even better with a white t shirt. Will you show us Lady Muck as well?

  5. I got Marrow and No More Waity, Katie. In addition to the BOGO sale, I had a platinum member $10 off birthday coupon…you can’t beat two butter LONDONs for $4! I haven’t tried my new ones yet. I have about a dozen now and Slapper is still my favorite.

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