Nail Art: Scalloped Tips

I was browsing at Sally Beauty Supply recently when I saw a poster by Nina Ultra Pro that said Trend Alert and had instructions on how to achieve the scalloped tip look. It sounded simple enough so I wanted to give it a try. The poster recommends colors but I wanted to do a Fall appropriate version so I used the 3 new polishes Pixi released for Fall.

For my version of instructions on how to get the scalloped tips look check below the jump. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this super easy nail art!

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What you need:

Three polishes of your choice and a top coat. That’s it! I used Pixi Evening Emerald, Amazing Amethyst, Classy Cocoa and Rush High Speed 60 Second top coat.

How to:

  1. Apply two coats of the base color. Let dry.
  2. Starting on one side of the nail using the second polish (I used Pixi Amazing Amethyst) apply one stroke of polish about three-quarters of the way down the nail. Move to the middle of the nail and do another stroke of the second polish slightly shorter than the first. Then repeat that a third time. Basically, make it look a bit like stairs. Let dry.
  3. Repeat the above steps with the third polish making the brush just short of the second polish color. And Again, let dry.
  4. Top with a top coat.

And that’s it! Super simple and there are endless color combinations that can be used doing this same technique.

I’d love to know if you’re going to give scalloped tips a try!


14 responses to “Nail Art: Scalloped Tips

  1. Yours came out really good. I have done a version of this but like your tutorial better than what I used. I really like you did this in deeper shades. It’s not so in your face nail art. I am a classic kind of gal. I like looking at some wild nail art on others…then when I get it on myself, I want it off the next day…but this I could keep on for the duration of the polish lasting factor. Guessing that is all because of the colors used. Great job!

  2. I love how it looks almost like a gradient in the last picture. So subtle!

  3. Ooh! Red, Gold and Green and we have Christmas! (Too early?…)

    How about black, white and orange for Halloween? Or Candy Corn colors! I’ve got to try this!

  4. I did this, and just a bit of advice: for the top two colors use polishes with similar brushes. I used an OPI for the middle, then an Essie for the top, and while it ended up working it was a bit difficult. My colours were Sinful Colors-Envy as a base, OPI-Lucerne-tainly Look Marvellous for the middle, and Essie-Mojito Madness as the top. I loved the colour combo, but the brushes were a bit difficult!

  5. Alli this is AMAZING!!! I love it!!

  6. What a great manicure! And your directions are really clear. Love it!!!!

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