Nail Art: Auburn Acid Wash

Another Saturday, another Auburn themed manicure. I just can’t help it! Every fall I get a serious case of college football fever and I’ve yet to find a cure. Today my alma mater is opening their SEC schedule on the road against Mississippi State. I’m looking forward to the game!

This week’s Auburn manicure is an orange and navy acid wash. I used Nina Ultra Pro Sailor for the navy and OPI Hot & Spicy for the orange. For how to achieve this look check out my original post on Acid Wash Nails. That post has step by step instructions that are super easy to follow.

The only thing different I did for this manicure was I used 2 coats of the lighter color (in this case, OPI Hot & Spicy). It worked out fine but I would recommend using a polish that only requires one coat. Using 2 coats made it quite a bit more difficult to get the acid wash look simply because I had to remove more polish.

I like the way this manicure turned out, but I don’t love it. My favorite is still last week’s Tiger Stripes & Glitter manicure.

I’m off to watch college football literally ALL DAY LONG. Hope you have a fabulous Saturday…whatever you’re doing!

Make sure to check out the swatches below the jump.



3 responses to “Nail Art: Auburn Acid Wash

  1. I love the look but gotta say Roll Tide!! 🙂

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