Election 2012: Barack Obama Nail Art

I’m going to start this post of with a similar disclaimer that was in my Mitt Romney nail art post. If you follow my personal Twitter account then you may have gathered I’ve been attending the Democratic National Convention the last couple of days. It is being held in my hometown of Charlotte and so far has been an amazing experience. Not only did I see an insane Obama sand sculpture, attend a Rock the Vote party and meet Richard Shiff (Toby Ziegler on The West Wing) at an advanced screening of his new film Knife Fight, I rocked some Obama themed nail art which of course I wanted to share. This is not a political blog and I did do a Mitt Romney post a week ago when he spoke at the RNC. So if that’s more your cup of tea make sure to check it out here.

Anyway, onto the nail polish portion of this post. Initially I thought the Obama campaign logo would be a bit difficult to recreate on the nail. Turns out, it was super simple! I used SinfulColors Fly Away as the base color for all my nails. To create the Obama logo I used Ulta Snow White and just did one stroke of the brush to create the white oval. I let that dry, then used a Q-Tip dipped in 100% acetone and removed the polish on the bottom third of my nail. I used wet n wild Red Red to add the red tip then just used a white striper to add the 2 white lines.

Of course, the real Obama campaign logo is a circle. But, I do like the way it turned out on my nails.

I added the star glitter from wet n wild Fergie nail color in Walk Of Fame and added a French tip to the thumb and middle nails.

So many people commented on my nails! I’m kind of sad today is going to be the last day I can get away with wearing this manicure. I have made a slight alteration to my current mani. Tonight I’m attending the Alabama delegation’s DNC after party, so I added an Alabama flag on my thumbnail. There are pictures of that below the jump.

Hopefully I’ll do a few more election themed manicures throughout election season. But no matter your political preference, the important thing is to vote!

Make sure to check out the swatches below the jump 🙂






10 responses to “Election 2012: Barack Obama Nail Art

  1. Very cute. Original. I also like your circle but don’t think most folks would look at it and get the tie in to the Obama logo. I like that this does not look like Memorial Day/4th of July – Bastille Day or whatever they have for ‘red/white/blue days in the UK…know they celebrate Memorial Day but still use the older name Armistice day. I have seen navy used in Obama posters but also seen this shade of blue too.

    • I was in a situation at the DNC that EVERYONE knew it was a version of a campaign logo. But we’ll see if I can perfect the circle before election day 🙂

  2. I was inspired by the very anticipation of your DNC nails and spent all week practicing painting circles—it’s not easy! This is what I finally got on my thumb today: https://twitter.com/EmLocke/status/243765961541419008 So, it’s a thumbs up from me for President Obama’s DNC address tonight! If I keep practicing, I think I’ll be ready for a high five by November 6.

  3. love both your rnc and dnc manis. and super exciting you attended the convention!

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