OPI St. Petersburgundy

Well. It’s the day after Labor Day here in the US which means it is time to put away those summer neons and pull out the fall favorites, right? I don’t follow the “rules” quite that closely but I have been ready to rock some darker polishes for a while now.

St. Petersburgundy is a warm red creme with brown undertones. It really is the color of a nice Burgundy wine. But, if we want to be current, the more appropriate color name would be oxblood, or Chianti. According all the absurdly large September issues of fashion magazines that landed in my mail box, this is the must have color for fall and winter.

The application of this polish was lovely. I used just two coats in my swatches.

This polish was originally released as part of OPI’s Fall 2007 Russian collection. I just loved that collection! Unfortunately, OPI did not add this to their permanent line. It’s also apparently not available on Amazon (seriously). So if you have any potential dupes please leave it in a comment!

Also make sure to check out the watches below the jump 🙂






14 responses to “OPI St. Petersburgundy

  1. These shades of deeper reds always have been in my stash since I blew out of the all light shade frosts of the 60’s! I have a whole lot of them and last time I purged my stash, recall I picked maybe my top 10 in this range to keep, donating the rest…am glad to see this shade..it’s been a fav of mine. I always feel these deep reds are in style – just some yrs more than others. I was thinking this weekend I needed to go look at the library at the fall fashion major mags..

  2. I love this polish and this collection so much. It’s hard to believe St. Petersburgundy was being clearanced two years ago and now it’s completely unavailable on Amazon!

  3. Wow, yes, please post potential dupes! This looks like just the sort of red I’ve been looking for since I spotted a deep, glossy red creme on Kristen Wiig’s nails in “Bridesmaids” and later on Rashida Jones’ in an episode of “Parks & Rec.” I’ve never gone for reds before, ever, but it looks so edgy, yet chic, on short nails.

  4. To me it looks a lot like chick flick cherry. That might be a little vampier however

  5. it looks like what I have on my toes right now: L’oreal Haute Couture Red-it’s a more of a crelly though

  6. ah! that’s too bad that it isn’t part of their permanent collection. It does look like it’s the perfect fall shade!

    hmm what about OPI’s Got the Blues for Red?

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