CND Stickey

My relationship with CND Stickey started off like a fairytale. This is a base coat I’ve been wanting to try for ages but wasn’t sure about shelling out $9 for only .33oz of base coat. So when I spotted at Beauty Brands for under $4 I immediately picked up a bottle.

As soon as I got home that day I did my nails. I used CND Stickey as my base coat. It went on smoothly and clear despite looking green in the bottle. I immediately noticed a difference with this base coat as opposed to the others I have tried. It never really hardened and felt a bit sticky (ha!). I continued on with my manicure and was happy with the result. My polish seemed to wear extremely well.

This process continued over a span of 3 months or so. I noticed my polish was wearing better and never did a manicure without my CND Stickey. I was obsessed! Overall I was extremely pleased with this base coat and had more or less decided it was worth the high price.

BUT THEN one day I was in the process of doing my nails. I had removed my previous manicure and decided to do a few household chores while my nails were bare. Keep in mind, my nails are rarely without polish. So I was shocked (and appalled) when I walked outside to go to the garage and saw my bare nails in the sun. They were horribly stained (I tweeted a picture of them here. But be warned….there are naked, stained nails!). That was the moment CND Stickey broke my heart.

On the box, this base coat does claim to prevent staining. But as you can see, it did no such thing. As you can tell, my relationship with CND Stickey is just another love story gone horrible wrong.

There is hope for my nails, though. I’ve been using a different base coat for about a month and my nails already look 100 times better.

If you’ve tried CND Stickey I’d love to hear about your experience. I know alot of people love this base coat so I’m interested to see if I’m the only one that experienced staining.

I’d also love some base coat recommendations! I’m currently using Julep’s base coat. It’s not bad but it’s not great either. I definitely want to try something different!

There are more pictures below the jump. I must say, I do love CND’s bottles!





28 responses to “CND Stickey

  1. Have you tried to apply a regular base coat and then Stickey over that before you apply your colour? That might help prevent staining.

  2. I LOVE Orly Bonder. It’s slightly sticky, so the polish adheres to it and my manis on average last a day or two longer than with any of my other base coats. It also doesn’t stain. The only time I don’t use it is when I’m using a predominantly glitter based polish because I end up having to scrape it off.

    • I tried Bonder ages ago. I just had a mini and remember liking it but just never got around to purchasing a full size for whatever reason. I may have to give it another shot!

  3. Is it really possible to have always polished nails that aren’t stained? I’ve been polishing my nails constantly for the past few (maybe close to three) years and my nails are badly stained. I’ve used all kinds of base coats. I kind of just figured it was inevitable and the price I pay for always having polish on. It doesn’t bother me though cause I only ever see my naked nails when I’m changing my polish. Anyway…just wondering if such a thing exists 🙂

    • Well, my nails are never completely not stained, but CND Stickey left me with terribly stained nails. They were much more stained than with other base coats (I’ve seen a great improvement over the last month using a different base coat).

      So to an extent you are right, stained nails is the price we pay for always having our nails painted. Stickey left my nails so stained that it made using a more sheer polish impossible!

  4. Everything I’ve tried makes my tips slightly yellow.

  5. I’ve been using OPI ridge filler for the past month or so and have noticed that my nails do not stain. It’s not strictly a base coat, but I do like it. 🙂

  6. I use Cutex Baseworx. I’m not sure if it makes my nail polish wear any longer but I don’t have any staining and my nails are stronger. I have this stuff called Chip Skip by OPI. It’s a chip preventer. It doesn’t have to dry and I think it works well.

  7. I also tried Sticky a # of yrs ago when I was on the search for what would be my ultimate you, I found Sticky did not make my cut. I hate getting stained nails from polish…the one that fixes this issue for me is Orly Nail Armor – never ever get any staining with it…I use a good 2 coats of it always. Even with deep blues and reds, I never get any staining. If my nails are pealing and weak I use Orly Nail Defense first then Nail Armor. Some swear by Orly Bonder – I found I would have my mani lift and pop off like press on nails – maybe I used too tick of coat…but also did not like the thickness it leaves to the over all mani/pedi. I use the Nail Armor also on my toes which many folks have tons of staining from…again never have staining on my toes long as I use Orly Nail Armor. Glad you did not pay full price for Sticky.

  8. I tried stickey but swore off it since I fell for Orly Bonder. Stickey didn’t give me noticable staining except for with one particular pigmented blue. the staining was so bad, but I blamed the polish, and ran out to Sally’s to find Yellow Stopper, which I now use with any stain prone polish. otherwise I will use Orly Bonder(which helps me paint-brush stays in the lines) or Nailtiques formula 2 when I am having peeling issues.

  9. Alli –
    I’ve been using OPI Start to Finish base coat lately and I haven’t had any stains. I bought by accident (don’t ask), but it’s worked out well for me.

  10. I don’t know if it is available to you but I swear by Leighton Denny’s Undercover Base Coat. It is a pink creamy colour in the bottle and does tint nails slightly but it actually makes them look better. It dries matte and grips polish so well. It also has treatments in it and keeps my nails healthy. It is expensive at £11 a pop though but worth it. Feelunique sell it free delivery worldwide.

  11. I use CND Stickey and love it! No matter which brand or color I’ve used on top of it, I have never experienced any staining. Sometimes I use Essie ridge filler also, but always find myself going back to CND Stickey.

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  13. Butter London’s Foundation (and Hardware fast drying top coat). These two are my new go to base/top combo. They’re both fast drying. The base coat dries to a nude matte finish (you can wear two+ coats without polish for a neutral look) and, paired with the top coat, is the longest lasting combo I’ve found (I’m tough on nail polish!).

  14. Ladies! The answer is here!!! When you take off your polish and you have those gross yellow stains grab an old toothbrush and brush your nails with a peroxide based toothpaste. Works like a charm!

  15. it doesn’t say on the box that Stickey prevents staining – just peeling and chipping
    I think the problem is that you always have polish on your nails; not the base coat.

    • My nails were significantly more stained after using this base coat. I don’t actually mind if my nails are stained….no one ever sees them polishless but me! But if they are stained to the point where I can’t use certain polishes that’s a problem.

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