NYC Traffic Jam Orange (+ an orange polish comparison)

Traffic Jam Orange is the second of the two polishes I picked up from NYC’s (or New York Color…) Color Rush display. I had great luck with Mint Breeze from the Color Rush release so I was hoping Traffic Jam Orange would yield similar results. Luckily, it did not disappoint!

This Summer I’ve been a little nuts for orange nail polish. Traffic Jam Orange is yet another orange creme but has the slightest yellow undertone warming up the color a bit and making it slightly different from other orange cremes in my collection.

Application was good. I used just two coats in my swatches. My only complaint is the formula is the slightest bit runny, but it’s not difficult to work with.

As I said earlier, I’ve managed to hoard (yes…hoard) quite a few orange polishes this summer. I was curious as to how different they really are. So along with more swatches of Traffic Jam Orange, there is a comparison of wet n wild Club Havana, OPI Hot & Spicy, Traffic Jam Orange, MAC Morange and SinfulColors Citrine below the jump

I’d love to know what your favorite orange polish is. I have no intention of stopping my collection here!




3 responses to “NYC Traffic Jam Orange (+ an orange polish comparison)

  1. I love Sunset Orange by Rimmel, it changes tone in different lighting so I never get bored with it. 🙂

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