OPI – Schnapps Out of It!

OPI - Schnapps Out of It!When I first saw OPI’s Germany collection, I immediately knew I wanted German-icure by OPI but I went back and forth between Danke-Shiny Red and Schnapps Out of It! Though I ultimately chose Danke-Shiny Red, I picked this beauty up yesterday at Ulta – partially because the color intrigued me but mainly because the name makes me smile. Peach and peppermint schnapps….oh, college!

This perfect for fall color is really stunning and completely unique in my collection. It’s a warm salmon shade. It reminds me of some of the brick along the Colonnade at my alma mater, Washington and Lee University. It also has a very delicate silver shimmer that is extremely subtle on the nail, I wish it was a little more pronounced but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

Application was excellent. The formula is on the thicker side, but very easy to work with. This is a one-coater! For my pictures I used two coats, hoping to pick up more of the shimmer. It dries to a lovely shiny finish.

I’ve hidden a few more pictures below the jump for your viewing pleasure.

Have a great Friday!



Bottle Shot (Check out that shimmer!)








and… here you can see the shimmer slightly on the nail:


3 responses to “OPI – Schnapps Out of It!

  1. It is a really interesting shade – one that I can appreciate. It’s much different than anything in my stash. I did not pick it up however as I was not too sure I could pull this one off on my skin tone – the blend of sliver into a warm shade kind of mixed me up. But then I wear white metal jewelry with warm clothing…no real rules today, just what you like and what likes your skin tone. This looks really nice on you. Kind of second guessing now if I should have got this. I also went back and forth over this vs. the red and got the red. So far not thrilled with the red – it might grow on me. I love, love great reds – just not sure I am putting Danke-Shiny into that category. I have to wear it come fall/winter and see.

    • I think it’s definitely worth having in your collection. The silver is so subtle that I don’t think it causes any real clashing with warm skin tones 🙂

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