Nailspiration: Miu Miu Slingbacks

I don’t know about you but I spend way too much time thinking about shoes. This ultimately leads to me spending far too much time browsing shoes that are way too expensive! I saw a pair of the most beautiful slingbacks I have ever seen. They are of course by Miu Miu and cost upwards of $600 or $700. I just can’t justify spending that kind of money on something that involves glitter and animal print. So, to curb my lemming, I did a manicure based on the shoes instead!

To mimic the glitter in the shoes I used OPI Spark de Triomphe. That was the easy part. The hard part was deciding how to mimic the leopard print cap toe and heel. Being that the shoe is Miu Miu the actual shoe uses calf hair giving the leopard print quite a realistic look. Despite not being a huge fan of the butter LONDON nail skin stickers, I decided they would be best for this manicure. As Katie so wonderfully pointed out, the butter LONDON leopard print has a furry look. Which is exactly what I was going for with this manicure!

Overall, I ended up loving this manicure. The mix of glitter and animal print was perfect. Do I still want the shoes? Well, yeah! But this manicure will do…for now.

As always, there are more swatches below the jump!





4 responses to “Nailspiration: Miu Miu Slingbacks

  1. I was nuts for Spark de Triomphe when it came out which is odd for me as I am not a huge glitter fan. But this one with it’s little peppering of black flecks intrigued me. I surely am in there with support for you to find a way to get your lemming sanctification when it’s something so lovely but so unnecessary to your life-style like a $600 pair of shoes.

  2. Love this combination, looks gorgeous!
    Danielle x

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