Nail Art: Ruffles!

We all know I love nail art that involves polka dots! For this manicure I used polka dots to give my manicure a ruffled look. It’s a bit of a different take on polka dots but I love the way it turned out!

This manicure unintentionally turned into a SinfulColors love fest. For the base I used Ulta Snow White then I used many different shades of blue from SinfulColors and China Glaze Concrete Catwalk. For a complete  list of blues check below the jump.

To create the ruffles I used one the smaller dotting tools from my DIY Dotting Tool post. Starting with the lightest color, I made a row of connecting polka dots. I then did another row of connecting polka dots overlapping the first row. I repeated this until I reached the tip of my nail.

Super easy yet super cute. That’s my favorite kind of nail art!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this nail art technique and whether or not you’ll be giving it a try!

There are more swatches below the jump 🙂

Polishes used: SinfulColors Cinderalla, SinfulColors Paradise, SinfulColors Fly Away, SinfulColors Rain Storm, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk


5 responses to “Nail Art: Ruffles!

  1. Snap, I just did the same on Sunday but I did mine diagonal.

  2. Really love this look – surprised that CG Concrete Cat Walk came out with enough blue to work with this group..I always think of mine as such a deep gray that the blue lean in it is pretty much not there but in strong light. Guess having it against real blues pulls out more of the blue that is in it.

  3. I hope I remember this come February…I think it would also be super cute in reds and pinks!

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