Spoiled by Wet n Wild I’m Ba-roque

Oh, Spoiled. This nail polish line really boggles my mind. The colors are gorgeous. Color wise Steel the Show, Club Rat and Deeper Dive are some of my favorite more recent purchases. And they all wear great (there is a picture of my nails on day 5 in the Steel The Show post… truly amazing). But the brush situation with this line is just bad. My bottle of Club Rat had a seriously wonky brush (you have to see it to believe it…). And even when the brushes weren’t wonky, they just weren’t all that great. The brush is not only wide, it’s thick. This makes application miserable. So to say the least I was a bit hesitant to pick up another Spoiled polish. But once again, the color sucked me in! Well, and the cute name…

I’m Ba-roque is a medium bronze with silver shimmer. There is also some subtle red shimmer that isn’t really noticeable. Moral of the story, oh em gee GORGEOUS! This is not a color that I feel like I can normally pull off but the silver shimmer in the polish makes it surprisingly flattering.

Now, as for the application. I got lucky this time, the brush was pretty good. It was still a bit thick for my liking but it worked well with this formula. The formula is a bit thin so I did use 3 coats in my swatches. As with the other Spoiled polishes I’ve tried, this polish wore extremely well.

Overall, I love this polish. The color is amazing and the name is also amazing. I love the play on words, but this does look like a color from the Baroque period.

There are more swatches below the jump!


9 responses to “Spoiled by Wet n Wild I’m Ba-roque

  1. This is such a me polish! I love it 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! I want! Unfortunately I’ve never seen WnW Spoiled in Canada :S

  3. Ugh, yes, the brushes are ridiculous! I have two that look totally normal and they’re cut evenly and the only problem is that they are giant but then I have a few that look like someone chewed on them.

  4. My bottle of “the parking meteor expired” had a funky brush too 😦 its a cute color though

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