OPI – Danke-Shiny Red

I love my blue, green, and vampy polishes as much as the next girl. But I woke up today wanting a classic red manicure.  I don’t wear red all that often, but I love when I do… Something about red tips makes me feel put together, confident, and ready to conquer whatever the day may offer.

I knew I had to have Danke-Shiny Red because the name reminds me of this scene from Ferris Beuller- one of my all time favorite movies and characters.

Despite being slightly on the cool side, I think it looks fine against my warm toned skin. The beautiful glowing, shiney, and dare I say every so slightly metallic finish was nearly impossible to capture on camera – and I certainly tried! Indoors, outdoors, flash, no flash, lightbox… no luck. You’ll just have to trust me that this polish is ridiculously beautiful. It’s a darker red that I think would find it’s best fit in Fall/Winter but it’s totally okay to wear during our last weeks of summer!

Application was great. Danke-Shiny Red was opaque in one coat, though I used three. Remember when you wear red polishes to wear a basecoat as some tend to leave behind a bit of themselves once removed.

For a few more pictures, look below the jump!

What polishes have you picked up from OPI’s Germany collection? In addition to Danke-Shiny Red, I also chose German-icure by OPI. Alli has grabbed Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! and Berlin There Done That.

Happy Friday!



Danke-Shiny Red, Natural Light – Shade:







Indoors, Lightbox:


7 responses to “OPI – Danke-Shiny Red

  1. I love, love when OPI does a great red shimmer! I so miss their old traditional holiday collections of yrs past. I used to wait all yr for one of their great reds to show up in that collection. While this is not up there with OPI’s Dear Santa in my book – it’s still a great red. I bought this one, the red/orange one, Suzie and the # of Dussledorffs or whatever it’s called and now not thinking I can wear the pull of red in that purple – not sure – thinking of selling it so don’t want to swatch it. I also bought Germanicure. The latter was a toss up if I wanted that one or the more brown one the Octoberfest one – sorry – to lazy to pull them and look at the exact names!

    • I agree – OPI has some awesome reds – this is definitely up there on my awesome list. I was also torn between Oktoberfest and German-icure but went with German-icure – reminded me a bit of one of my first OPI loves: Midnight in Moscow.

  2. Lovely swatch! I got Deutsch You Want Me Baby, Berlin There Done That, and My Very First Knockwurst. When my beauty supply store restocks, I’m going to get Danke Shiny Red, German-icure By OPI, and Every Month is Oktoberfest! Of the 3 I have so far, 2 have wonky brushes. Have you been experiencing that with this collction, or with OPIin general recently?

    • Thank you! I haven’t noticed anything with the brushes so far – I don’t think Alli has either. What are wrong with your brushes?

      I really want Deutsche You Want Me Baby and Schnapps Out Of It! too. These names are all just awesome.

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