Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Silver Elements

Let me just say that when I used my first magnetic nail polish, Sally Hansen Ionic Indigo, I thought it was cool. It was a fun manicure to do. But it didn’t make my heart flutter. Silver Elements made my heart flutter!

Silver Elements is a dark charcoal gray packed with silver shimmer. The shimmer is what makes me love this nail polish. The design from the magnet plus the sparkle is not only gorgeous it’s just very interesting.

For application info and more info on magnetic nail polish (including how to use it!) check out my post on Ionic Indigo.

There are, as always, more swatches below the jump.

What are your thoughts on the magnetic polish trend? Are there any that you just LOVE?

The product(s) used in this post were provided to TDV for review. For more information check out our disclosure policy.


4 responses to “Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Silver Elements

  1. I must admit when I did mine, for the first 2 days I wasn’t sure how I felt but by the end of the week I didn’t want to take them off……..

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