What’s in my travel nail polish bag?

I know I already did a post today on OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! but a bonus post is ok every once in a while, right? Plus, this gives me yet ANOTHER reason to procrastinate. So far packing is going really well

Anyway, I’m leaving for Atlanta tomorrow and coming back Monday. So it’s not a long trip, but in a nail polish addicts world, that is an ETERNITY not to have your nail polish stash! In the past I have definitely been guilty of over packing nail polish. One time I took 7 nail polishes, a topcoat and a base coat to Malibu. Seriously, I’m not kidding.

Since then, I’ve learned to limit the polish I travel with without compromising my desire to have a perfect manicure at all times! For everything I take with me check below the jump.

If you live in Atlanta or know anywhere in Atlanta I need to check out to do some polish shopping let me know in a comment 🙂




There are a couple of things that are required! Nail polish remover, a nail file, cotton balls and a few q-tips. If you’re traveling by plane you’ll need a travel size polish remover.

But that’s not really the interesting part! I try to limit myself to 3 nail polishes. The first being the color of my current manicure (which is currently Revlon ColorStay in Provence). That way if I can extend my manicure by touching it up. Also, when I leave home, I try to have a manicure that goes with everything in my suitcase. That way I don’t feel like I have to change my polish just because of the color.

The two other polishes I take are always variations of the same things. The first is a matte (or Suede) polish. Matte polishes can be a life saver if you have a serious nail polish crisis on your hands! The one I’m taking this time (OPI Lincoln Park After Dark SUEDE) can be a one coater and since it is a matte finish polish it dries almost instantly. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been out of town and didn’t have time to do a full manicure but did have time to slap on one coat of a matte polish and get out the door.

The other polish I always take with me on vacation is a red polish. You never know when you’re going to be in a situation where only a classic color polish is appropriate. Wet n Wild Red Red is perfect for this because it’s so cheap I would not be upset if it ended up  lost or broken.

The only other things in my travel nail polish bag is my current base coat (Julep) and my favorite fast dry top coat (Rush 60 Seconds).

That’s everything I take! This current system (if you want to call it that….) works pretty well for me. I’d love to hear your tips on traveling with nail polish!


12 responses to “What’s in my travel nail polish bag?

  1. jroigjeoijf i live in atlanta!!!!!!!!:D
    okay. i’m done freaking out.
    have a safe trip!! 🙂

  2. I’ve packed pretty much the same thing but since I’ll have plenty of time on my trip, I’ve also packed cuticle oil and cuticle removing cream as well as a orangewood stick to give myself a proper manicure, have a safe trip!

  3. I always over pack nail polishes! I went home for a weekend and brought…. well too many polishes for a normal person to bring. These are great tips that I plan on using next time I go somewhere! Thanks!

  4. The metal nail file must go……hard on nails and very outdated !

  5. Great tips (pun intended?!) I’ll be off visiting family for five days soon, and since I’m flying with only a carry-on bag I won’t bring any polish. I’m packing polish remover individual wipes (no spills). I’ll be in Boston with plenty of stores so I can always get something there if I need it 🙂

  6. When I went to the Kentucky Derby this year on a weekend trip, I brought about fifteen polishes, plus basecoat, plus topcoats, plus files, nail clippers, remover, etc. I have a severe overpacking problem 😦

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