SinfulColors Leap Flog

Why is this polish called Leap Flog? It makes my head hurt. Perhaps Leap Frog is copyrighted (not that SinfulColors cares about that….). Even if that was the case, certainly they could have gone with a different name.

Now, lets just assume for a second SinfulColors was serious with the flog part of the nail polish name. It can mean several things. Flog is British slang for “to sell.” Leap To Sell? No. Flog is Australian slang for rain/it’s raining. Leap Rain? Leap Raining? Again, no. Flog is also slang in Australia for a person who is an idiot. Leap Idiot? Perhaps I’m the idiot for trying to figure the name out….

Anyway! Leap Flog is a gorgeous polish. It’s a dusty green creme. It borders on army green but doesn’t have that yellow/brown undertones that army green has. I have absolutely nothing like this in my collection!

Application was stellar. I used just 2 coats in my swatches.

Leap Flog is a new release from SinfulColors that I’ve seen on the Study in Style display as well as the Passion for Color display. I picked it up this week because Walgreens is have their $.99 SinfulColors sale.

I’m aware that there is some drama in the nail polish community currently surrounding SinfulColors. I’m trying to stay out of the drama as much as possible but I will include my thoughts on that below the jump. Also below the jump are a couple more swatches.




Regarding the SinfulColors situation. I completely agree that what they did was awful. Taking bloggers intellectual property and using it to try and sell their products is disgusting. I am also aware that SinfulColors was recently acquired by Revlon.

As of right now I have no plans of boycotting SinfulColors, Revlon or any other brand under the Revlon umbrella. That being said, I will be paying attention to the way Revlon and SC handles this situation and reassess my position as necessary.


25 responses to “SinfulColors Leap Flog

  1. I have no idea if it helps or hinders in the process of trying to figure out the naming scheme, but: typically in Japanese the L and the R are often swapped as their sound is identical. So, Leap Flog said with a Japanese accent would at least make the ‘L’ in ‘Flog’ sound like it matches the ‘L’ in ‘Leap’.

    Not that it makes any more sense than before. *boggles*

  2. i keep assuming they named it this because it’s in a “school” type of collection – like when catholic kids get smacked with a paddle or whatever. that would be like flogging, right? i dont know, they are so weird with their names. pink. lavender. leap flog. wth?!

    • I agree with gnarlygnails about the naming of the polish. When I read Alli’s entry that was the first thing that came to mind–Leap Flog –> flogging/spanking. Sinful colors trying to be cute.

  3. Deep in my SInfulColors collection I have a polish name that is misspelled. I am guessing that once in a while they just kinda mess up and misspell a polish name or two…

  4. I really like this shade. Looked for it locally but typical of where I live – nothing. We don’t get new collections/updates to classic collection only rarely. I read yesterday of the issue on ripping off photos from blogs and using them in Sinful’s advertising. I don’t agree that what is on your blog is owned totally by the blogger. There are differences in copy for blogs that are not under copy-write such as are the ones on E! On Line or any thing like the Time Magazine say. It’s ntot cool to have done what they did and sure whoever did it thought they never would be found by those reading blogs and making the connection. There is a way to encrypt photos so that you cannot right click and save the photo to use. We all have run into those on say professional photography sites and some even on Flicker too. I don’t know how to do it – don’t care to. I think most bloggers would be flattered to have their work used AND credited. I hope as a polish blogging community, I do see how this is treated and it’s end point.

    • Well, I think that’s the kicker about the situation. If SinfulColors had just asked the bloggers for permission they most likely would have been happy to have their swatches used.

  5. Brandi has come up with the most believable reason for the name yet. Her explanation totally reminds me of the movie “Lost in Translation”. Bill Murray’s character: “What? You want me to LIP your stockings?!?”

  6. Maybe it was a printing error lol

  7. I honestly think the name was just a random mistake. The intention was Leap Frog but through some typo or printing error it became Leap Flog and they left it as is.

  8. Alli –

    Maybe it’s a hip new game that no one knows about–a Leap and a Spank! 😉 I know bad!

  9. Ha, no…haven’t drank the Kool-Aid yet to be part of the frenzy. But isn’t there a nail polish company that’s capitalizing on the Shades of Grey theme–darn it, can’t remember which one.

  10. Yeah Flog is just a play on words. They’re trying to be punny (See what I did there?) and also invoke the shades of grey book/theme at the same time. Whatever it is, I love the color and the name. I think Leap Flog is much better for the dusty, muted, greyed-out-green shade that this is. Color works with frog much more than blog IMO.

  11. That is a little freaky, no pun intended.

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