OPI – Pros & Bronze

OPI’s Pros & Bronze was originally released as part of one of Serena William’s Grand Slam packs (US Open) along with Love is a Racket. I happened to find it at my local CVS that once in a while carries the most random OPIs. I don’t recall why I didn’t buy the duo when it was released in the Fall of 2011, but I’m definitely glad I have Pros & Bronze now!

P&B is both beautiful and difficult to describe. It’s packed with microglitter: pink, gold, copper that gives off a multichrome/foil effect. It’s pretty much awesome in a bottle. It looks lovely indoors, but even better in the sunlight – check below the jump for more pictures!

What do you think? I’m obsessed!

Pros & Bronze in direct sunlight:


3 responses to “OPI – Pros & Bronze

  1. I purchased all the Serena Wm’s collections last year. This one was the last set released and I was iffy on the shades, but was still in a major polish buying phase, so I got it. I have not ended up wearing it much…I was hospitalized all last fall and winter and away from home all that time – so maybe that’s why I did not ever wear it. It’s to me, more of an early transition to fall kind of shade. But it does have a really interesting change of colors that come out of it. But it’s not in my book a duochrome. More thinking like you it’s a foil and maybe would say with a lot of ‘stuff’ in it – stuff that is not quite the same glass fleck I know of. It’s just different. Not sure I love it or just like it. On the fence with this one. But thanks. I need to get it back out and see if I want to keep mine.

  2. If anyone is looking for any of the Serena Williams colors I saw them at Nordstrom Rack (not in the sets…but being sold separately).

  3. Oooooo lovely!!!!

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