Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Loves Me Not

This is a polish I have been excited about for a very long time! A promotional image for the Prabal Gurung for Sally Hansen Spring 2012 colors started floating around in April (you can see it here) and I immediately knew I had to have Loves Me Not. I had a hard time finding this collection but finally I picked it up at Target.

In the bottle Loves Me Not looks like a darkened purple base with a shimmery duo chrome effect. On the nail that duo chrome does not translate. It just looks like a deep purple with lighter purple shimmer. It’s still a beautiful color, and the formula and application are amazing (it’s almost a one coater!). But I’m disappointed the duo chrome didn’t translate to the nail.

Because the duo chrome doesn’t translate this nail polish isn’t all that unique. It reminds me quite of bit of Nicole by OPI I’m a Pool For Love, plus from far away it basically just looks like your nails are black.

There’s just nothing quite as disappointing as a nail polish you were super excited about turning out to be not that amazing. That being said, this polish is still beautiful and not a bad addition to any collection.

Check out the pictures below the jump to see how truly gorgeous this polish looked in the bottle (otherwise you may think I’m crazy….).








5 responses to “Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Loves Me Not

  1. I havefound several of this collection on clearance at Walgreens:) I got Loves me Not, Parchment, Honey Whip, Petrol, Oxblood for 3 bucks a piece:) In the last week In case there were more you wanted

  2. In a spooky related thing, I just posted my swatches of I’m a Pool for Love….

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