Essie – Good as Gold

I absolutely cannot get enough of Essie’s Mirror Metallics. After falling in love with Penny Talk, I decided I needed to add Good as Gold to my collection as well and in the mean time I’m fighting the urge to just go snatch them all up.

Good as Gold is perfect for me. It looks amazing against my tan summer skin – it makes me feel like i just dipped my fingers in molten gold. In fact, I’m pretty sure the first time I wore this I told Alli I was Queen Midas….

Like Penny Talk and No Place like Chrome (and all other chrome polishes) – the difficulty lies in the application. After wearing Penny Talk I did go out and buy a Ridge Filler (OPI’s Ridge Filler). I think you can see a slight improvement on my ever troublesome middle nail – but you definitely need to buff your nails and/or use a ridge filler because while I adore chrome polish – they show ever nail imperfection possible.

As far as formula goes, it’s excellent. I only used 1 -2 coats per nail and no top coat (which I’ll probably regret later..)



6 responses to “Essie – Good as Gold

  1. I have been out of town all week on medical things. Had to hit 3 drug stores for various things when I was not in the hospital this week. I keep seeing this collection. I have the blue one – not sure I will wear it however now that I have it – just not too sure about it. But seems the copper Penny Talk one is by far the most popular – it’s always gone on the displays I am seeing. Odd as I would have though the blue and lavender ones would have been the biggest hits. I also really love chrome polish but the blue in this collection is more frosty then I like to see in a chrome.

    • Yeah I haven’t seen Penny Talk since I first grabbed it — I’m thinking about getting the silver… maybe… but ahh I don’t know 🙂 Also – I hope you’re okay!

  2. Holy heck, that is by far the truest gold in nail polish form that I’ve ever seen. And it looks amazing on your nails! Waah. Metallics -really do- show every imperfection, and my nails are certainly very imperfect.

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