wet n wild megalast Disturbia

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum… SORRY! I miss Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad days.

Anyway, on to nail polish. I picked this polish at my grocery store (really!). It was super double coupon week and to make a somewhat long story short, I got the nail polish for free. At the beginning of the year when the megalast displays started popping up in stores I always looked at this polish but never picked it up. I am the queen of dark purple polishes and I really didn’t need any more. But alas, 6 months later, and here we are!

Disturbia is a deep blackened purple with purple and blue shimmer. The shimmer doesn’t really translate onto the nail, it just looks like an almost black manicure. Application was fabulous. I used just two coats for my swatch.

When I was wearing this I told Katie it felt like home. I used to LIVE in dark purple polish, so it was nice to wear it again.

I’m a huge fan of the megalast line. This is my third polish from the line and I’ve had great luck with all of them (though my favorite is still Club Havana…). The formula is always good plus they wear great. For more info on the brush and bottle check out my post on I Need a Refresh-Mint.

For a good look at the shimmer check out the macro shots below the jump!

Now that I’m done with this post the question becomes…do I have to turn off Rihanna?


7 responses to “wet n wild megalast Disturbia

  1. Oh I just love Megalasts and I just love this one. After a couple of days I put Color Club Diamond Drops over and it looked amazeballs!

    • Ohh, that sounds really pretty! I’m a huge fan of the megalast line. Definitely wet n wild’s best attempt at nail polish.

      • Without a doubt it is worth every cent, even if the brush is slightly wonky. The wear is amazing. I’ll post a pic of my glittered up on on twitter now…..


  2. Every single polish I have from this line has given me massive bubbling issues. Same for my mother, no matter how long we let our nails dry. It’s very frustrating.

    • Really? I’ve never had that problem! I wonder if it has something to do with the humidity or lotion/oils on your hands? That’s so sad because I find these to be great polishes!

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