Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple

If you follow TDV on Twitter then you are fully aware that my current obsession is mixing neon nails with leopard print. So when I was planning on wearing a leopard print dress the other night on a date with the boy, I decided to pull out Punki Purple. I bought this polish over 2 years ago when I was still had quite the aversion to neons. This polish looks pretty tame in the bottle so it was a good first step into the neon world.

Punki Purple is a raspberry purplish red creme. The color is very vibrant but not crazy bright. This polish is a neon, so the formula is rather thin and it dries to a matte finish. I used 3 coats in my swatches and topped it with a coat of Rush 60 Seconds Top Coat.

As much as I love this color, the wear time is terrible. It chipped pretty badly after about a day of wear. So it’s definitely a night out or day at the beach kind of manicure!

Punki Purple is part of Nina Ultra Pro’s permanent line as well as part of their neons for Summer display I’ve seen at several Sally’s this summer. So if you’re still not on the neon bandwagon this is a great, affordable way to give neons a try!

There are more swatches below the jump 🙂


9 responses to “Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple

  1. I have not had really good luck with wear time on any of this brand, neon or non, that I have bought. I did see the neons last trip to Sally’s – but was there to pick up the Summer Neons from CG – and was on a tight budget so was not even tempted. Thanks for the review – I think now I won’t be tempted to try the Nina Pro neons.

    • I have a couple Nina Ultra Pro polishes that I really love and wear fine. But I have issues with all neons when it comes to wear!

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