OPI Passport and a Smile

True story: I don’t own a single polish from OPI’s Pirates of the Caribbean collection. It turned out that way for a couple of reason. First of all, I’m just not a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. And secondly, SinfulColors released a collection around the same time. I do have Open Seas from that collection.

Anyway, you must be wondering why I’m going on about the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. If you caught either my haul post over on The Daily Varnish Extra or my post on OPI Meet me at the Bonfire then you know all about the OPI Summer Exclusives at Ulta. I’m not going to entirely rehash it here but basically every single polish is a dupe from a recent OPI collection. For more info on that check out my Meet me at the Bonfire post and for a full dupe list click here!

Ok, on to this nail polish. Passport and a Smile is Sparrow Me the Drama repackaged. It is a lovely pink with a dusty purple undertone. I quite like the color and I especially like that the dusty purple undertone makes it a bit different from your average pink polish.

Application was wonderful. I uses just 2 coats.

I’m not at all disappointed in this polish, but I am disappointed in OPI for renaming all these colors and trying to pass them off as new colors. Though I must say, I prefer the name Passport and a Smile to Sparrow Me the Drama!

There are more swatches below the jump.


8 responses to “OPI Passport and a Smile

  1. This is a lovely polish on your skin tone. It was the only one I passed up from OPI POTC when it originally came out because I know I can’t make it work on mine. 🙂

    And thank you SO MUCH for sharing that dupe list! I have quite a few of those original colors and now I don’t feel like I need to get my hands on these at all.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, shame on OPI for doing what they did 😛

    It’s still a nice pink though 🙂

  3. I am just glad that someone else noticed. Every single one was renamed and re-released.

  4. when i saw these all togeather at ulta i KNEW they were the pirates collection. i really wanted planks a lot so i’m glade they brought these back

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