Alli’s Favs: OPI Lunch at the Delhi

I bought this long before my coral obsession of 2011. I was visiting a friend in the Baltimore area when I saw an Ulta. And we all know I can’t go anywhere near an Ulta without going in and at least looking around! Anyway, I came out with this nail polish. Lunch at the Delhi was released with OPI’s Spring 2008 India collection. I didn’t pick this polish up initially but I’m glad I eventually added it to my collection.

Lunch at the Delhi is a warm coral creme. It has some definite yellow undertones. Despite being a bit on the warm side it look find against my cool skintone.

The formula is pure perfection. Two coats were all I needed for an even, opaque color.

For some reason OPI did not add this to their permanent collection but it’s pretty easy to find on Amazon.

Why OPI Lunch at the Delhi is a favorite: The color, the application and most importantly, the name. Lunch at the Delhi is just such a clever name! Plus, it’s always fun to wear polishes you bought on vacation.

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As always, there are more swatches below the jump 🙂


5 responses to “Alli’s Favs: OPI Lunch at the Delhi

  1. Liking this one and did not pick it up when that collection was out either. I can only dream someday I get to be close to an Ulta with the time and oomph to go and shop. Right now the only Ulta is more than 5 hr drive one way from my house and pretty much would need an over night stay. Oddly the one area in a bigger city I got to for medical it’s a super long drive in horrific traffic to get to the closest Ulta. As I said, dreaming of the day.

  2. I love this polish, too! I got it probably three years ago and it’s still one of my summer favorites. 🙂

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