OPI – Barefoot in Barcelona

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect nude polish for my amazing Nana. I was sure I’d struck gold when I picked up Barefoot in Barcelona the other day – but it was declared to be “too pink.” Not to fret – I gladly welcomed Barefoot in Barcelona into my collection with open arms.Β  I’m thinking now she’d like something closer to Essie’s Sand Tropez, but any suggestions you guys have would be great!

Barefoot in Barcelona had it’s debut in OPI’s Spain Collection in the Fall of 2009, I didn’t give it a second thought then and probably wouldn’t have again without my mini-mission. That being said, I really really like it. In general, I like nude polishes – they make my fingers look longer and more elegant and I find them to be very classy. Barefoot has a great formula – I used three coats to try and hide my middle finger nail split – but two would be just fine.

Interestingly enough, on the OPI website this is categorized under “browns” instead of “nudes/neutrals” – thoughts?

Have a beautiful night!


18 responses to “OPI – Barefoot in Barcelona

  1. I would suggest a nude from Zoya. I love Minka: beautiful full coverage in two coats, applies as smooth as warm butter. Depending on Nana’s skintone you might want to check out Shay and Pandora as well. I think the trio was from a mini collection released last fall. Note: Zoya doesn’t play nice with SV.

    • I’d forgotten about the Zoya Nudes! SV would be no problem, she gets her nails done at a salon – she just likes to have the same polish to take with her πŸ™‚ She has a warm skin tone – she’s a “Spring” like I am.

  2. OPI’s did you ‘ear about van gogh, a nudey sort of polish that i LOVE, but my fav is butter london’s yummy mummy!

  3. Sand tropez is far too light for someone that doesn’t want such a pinkish brown like barefoot in Barcelona. I suggest opi’s very own san tan tonio from their Texas collection. It goes amazing on all skintones. I actually think it looks better on fair skin and many have described it as the perfect brown.

    • Sand Tropez probably is a bit too light – I’m thinking San-tan-tonio might be too dark though, or not “beige” enough – but now I kind of want that polish πŸ™‚

    • You are giving me the inspiration to use my bottle of San-tan-tonio that I couldn’t pass up because it was two bucks. With my fair NW15 skin I thought it would look odd. Now it is next on my list after L’oreal Boozy Brunch chips.

  4. Essence nude glam nail polishes are amazing !
    but the essie nude nail polishes are very good too ;]

    • I’m thinking an essie may be just what she’s looking for…. and I haven’t seen any of the nude glam polishes around here – are they available in the US – I kind of want them… πŸ™‚

  5. I know you said an essie polish would be best, but what about Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Cafe au Lait? It is the most nude shade that I have, it almost matches my skin, but in a good way. πŸ™‚

  6. I love Essie Topless and Barefoot- even though on their website it uses pink in the description I completely disagree! It is my favorite nude.

  7. I love nude and neutral polishes for my manicure. The Zoya recommendations sound amazing, I will have to try those. I love OPI’s Samoan Sand. Based on your review of Barefoot in Barcelona, I ordered it and Seche Vite (I live in a remote area and can’t just hit up the mall or drugstore). At first I didn’t like it because it is quite brown, but after a while I got used to it and really began to love it.

    I used Sally Hansen’s cuticle remover; then OPI’s Chip Skip, then a thin coat of Nail Magic that i picked up at Sally Beauty Supply. I did 2 coats of Barefoot in Barcelona, then applied my top coat of SV.

    The results have been unbelievable. Even with all the typing I do and ten-key especially, my manicure has held up like a champ. I have always used Chip Skip and Nail Magic, but it wasn’t until I added Seche Vite that I got these kind of chip-free, long-lasting, flawless results.

    I am also forever grateful for your recommendation of Seche Vite/SV fast dry top coat. This stuff is unbelievable. Now I can definitely find the time to do my nails once a week.

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