Summer 2012: 5 Must Have Polishes

It is officially Summer! And it sure does feel like it here in Charlotte, NC. I think it’s going to be a hot one. With hot weather, comes a change in what I’m wearing on my nails. Not necessarily on purpose, I am certainly not a slave to the seasons, but there are alot of things you can get away with during the summer that you can’t the rest of the year!

I did a post on the 5 Polishes Every Girl Should Own, so I thought it would be fun to do a seasonal version of that post. My 5 must have polishes can be found below the jump. Make sure to leave a comment with your 5 must have summer polishes!

1. Orange: No shocker here. It’s virtually impossible to go anywhere without being bombarded with THE color of the Summer; tangerine. If you read this blog then you are well aware that I have fully embraced this trend. The reason I love it so much is because orange really isn’t a scary color to wear, but it is a bit different from your normal summer pinks and corals. Because orange is such a popular color it is easy to find an orange nail polish to suit any skintone and budget. Some of my favorites are wet n wild Club Havana and Revlon ColorStay Marmalade.

2. Neon: This is another trend that is everywhere. Neon is popping up in everything from shoes to lipsticks. So to say the least, nail polish has not been left out. Essie, China Glaze and OPI have put out (or will soon be releasing,…) neon collections. One of my favorites from Essie is Bazooka. But, lets be honest, a neon polish probably isn’t something you’re going to get alot of use out of (though I did do a post on how to use a neon polish 4 different ways!). There are alot of more budget friendly options, like SinfulColors Pink.

3. Navy: Summer’s version of black nail polish. It’s a little less harsh and looks better with a tan but it’s still dark enough to look very chic and kind of edgy all at the same time. My favorite navy creme polish is Nina Ultra Pro Sailor but there are alot of great options out there with shimmer such as the infamous OPI Russian Navy.

4. Summer Red: The red polishes I gravitate to during the summer are very different from what I wear during the cooler months. My all time favorite red, OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress, is a good year around red, but lighter red cremes are really more appropriate for the warmer months. My all time favorite is OPI Perfectly Red but another good option is wet n wild Red Red.

5. Metallic: The metallic trend will not die and I am totally ok with that. Metallic polishes look even better with a tan plus I can’t get enough rose gold right now so I’ve been getting alot of use out of Orly Rage.

Let me know in a comment if you think I left something out or if one of these should not have been included. And don’t forget to list your 5 must have polishes!


9 responses to “Summer 2012: 5 Must Have Polishes

  1. Excellent choice and surely was not easy to pick!!!! For me a turqoise or bright green are also core summer colors but then this might not be everybodies choice. My favs: neon/Coral: Essie Camera, Red: China Glaze Hey Sailor, Turqoise: Butter London Slapper (your post made me buying this – THANK YOU), Navy: Barielle Berry Blue (I prefer this also over black), Nude: Illamasqua Monogamous

  2. Oooo, love your picks! The navy is a great idea I haven’t thought of. I love the darks in winter (I wear LPAD almost every other week) so I will have to do some summer navy soon.

    My every other week summer color has been L’Oreal’s Boozy Brunch. I’ve been very please with the wear factor of their new polishes.

    Gotta question for you: as it isn’t humid all that often up here in Minnesota, I’ve noticed that I have a lot of bubbling issues when I do my nails and do not have the A/C cranked up. Any manicuring in humidity advice for us northeners?


    • Oh yes. Doing your nails where it’s humid definitely can cause bubbles. The best work around I’ve come up with is to use really, really thin layers or polish. Sometimes that can mean more coats but you shouldn’t have a problem with bubbling. Another thing you can try is not shaking your polish bottles before you apply polish, but instead rolling them.

  3. Before reading this I never considered navy! I’ve always had SH Thinking of Blue but have never used it. Thanks for inspiring me to try it out! As far as reds, what do you think of OPI’s Red Lights Ahead, Where? or Essie’s Laquered Up! I love the red you posted they’re gorg. I’ll have to add them to my wish list

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