Celeb Nails: Selena Gomez

Here’s an embarrassing confession: I spend far too much of my free time stalking HQ celeb photos to check out their nails. But occasionally, I find a cool manicure to try, like this one Selena wore to her fragrance launch. It was just too cute and simple for me not to give it a go!

For the base color, I used my favorite coral polish of all time, butter LONDON Macbeth. For the metallic silver dots, I used Funky Fingers Edward’s Volvo and the bobby pin dotting tool a made for my DIY Dotting Tool post. Selena only had 3 dots on her nail, but I felt 4 looked better for my nail length.

I love the way this manicure turned out. The silver polka dots just add a small detail that made the manicure a bit different.

There is a proper swatch below the jump 🙂

Early today I posted my haul from Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sale over on The Daily Varnish Extra. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already!


2 responses to “Celeb Nails: Selena Gomez

  1. I like that Funky Fingers bottle so much better than the ones they have out now! Beautiful mani!

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