Julep Daisy (+ bonus nail art)

Oh Daisy. I won’t lie, I picked the June Boho Glam Julep Maven box (that post has info on how to get your first Julep Maven box for a penny!) specifically because it included this polish. The Great Gatsby has been my favorite book since I was a teenager. I’ve read it at least once a year since then and Daisy is a character I have a love-hate relationship with. Which is eerily similar to my relationship with this polish….

Daisy is a true yellow creme. The color is lovely. Who doesn’t love yellow? It’s just a happy color. Unfortunately, it looks terrible against my skintone. Just dreadful!

Equally dreadful is the application of this polish. The formula is a bit thin so it can be runny, plus I had to use 4 coats to get an opaque, streak free color.

A card that was included in the Julep Maven box this came in had a suggestion for nail art using Daisy along with Robin. I gave it a go, swatches of that are below the jump.

And just a reminder…don’t forget to enter our Julep Maven giveaway!


23 responses to “Julep Daisy (+ bonus nail art)

  1. I think this looks great – and those spots really stand out against the yellow. Shame it was such a nightmare to apply – I’ve heard all yellows are temperamental.

  2. Love it & LOVE The Great Gatsby!

  3. I like the nail art bit, not so much the yellow alone. Sadface. Glad Robin was a good one.

  4. Daisy has a lovely color, but it’s also too warm for my skin tone. 😦 I really like the nail art though! It’s simple, but cute.

    I love The Great Gatsby! Love the idea of its concept of the American Dream. It’s too bad the old movie didn’t do it any justice. The new one doesn’t seem to either.

    • The old movie was SO BAD! Just awful. My hopes aren’t too high for the new movie but knowing me I will be seeing it opening weekend, lol

  5. Ah, a sister…I can’t wear ANYTHING yellow, nails, clothes, hats, anything at all, it makes me look ill. You are not alone.

    The dots are really cute though, maybe you could use the yellow as the dots, say over black? (Bumblebees are cute, and are vital to the environment.) Yellow dots would also be cute over purple, or red, or even white!

    My yellow nail polishes (because I never learn, lol) are most often used in kind of flame effect, a blob of yellow at the tips, then a blob of orange, then drag a pin through 3 or 4 times to make flames, on almost any color background. My nails kind of look like the graphics on classic cars! Thing is, it’s taking a long time to use a bottle of yellow polish this way…

    Now I’ll probably go out and buy another yellow (sighs).

    • I actually used Daisy just today to make a sun is some nail art I’m was doing. That’ll be the only thing I can use it for.

      It’s really depressing not being able to wear yellow! I still remember being so sad when I was a kid and I would pick out some kind of yellow clothing and my mom wouldn’t buy it.

  6. I like it in the combo, very pretty!

  7. I just got my first Julep intro box and also ended up deciding to buy a mystery box since my intro one was only a penny- wonderful! I didn’t get a chance to choose from the June Maven boxes however and realllyyy want Daisy (mainly) and Robin. I am doing everything in my power to keep myself from buying it too, but sigh I still really want it. lol

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  9. I ordered my Intro Julep box for a penny and I love the polish I got. I’m a boho glam and I WAS sad that I missed the June box and would have to buy it separately because I was so in love with Robin and Daisy on-screen. Thanks for this review. You’ve reminded me that yellow really looks hideous on me and knowing that Daisy doesn’t apply all that well, it makes missing the June box a lot easier! Ha! 🙂

    Kudos for being a Gatsby lover!!!

    • I envy the few people that can pull off this kind of yellow!

      I’m glad you liked your intro box! Sometimes polishes repeat themselves so hopefully Robin comes around again 🙂

  10. The nail art is just lovely, sorry it took 4 coats. I love the yellow and greenish teal combo, but I’m not sure yellow is my color. Who’s color is it really, I feel like I meet more people who can’t do yellow than can.

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