butter LONDON Nail Skin Stickers Leopard

For some reason I can’t stop buying these nail stickers, appliques or whatever you want to call them! So when I saw butter LONDON, one of my favorite polish brands, was now making nail skins I knew I had to give them a try.

The package only promises 48 hours of wear, which I found a bit odd as other similar products, like the Julep Nail Appliques, promise significantly longer wear time. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

For all the application, wear and removal info, check below the jump!

Packaging: The packaging is very simple but super cute. It looks like an envelope and contains 12 “nail skin stickers.” There are some really cute details, like when you open the flap on the back it says “with love.”

Application: The only instructions for application are on the back of the package. They are very simple, basically peel, apply and trim.

My nail beds are narrow and long and even still, some of the stickers were too narrow for my nails. I had to compromise and use a sticker that was far too narrow for my ring fingers. Then there were others that were far too wide. I had to significantly trim the stickers for my middle fingers.

I also had issues with the stickers laying flat on the nail. Particularly on my nails that are more rounded, the sides were very wrinkled and I couldn’t seem to solve that problem.

The directions do say to use a top coat so I did do that and sealed the tips.

Wear: The packaging does not lie, 48 hours is about all you’ll get out of these nail stickers. Mine began to show pretty bad tip wear. The design wears away to reveal white underneath which makes tip wear very obvious.

Removal: Removal is very simple. The stickers simply peel off. This leaves a bit of glue, but nail polish remover removes that easily.

Overall, I certainly didn’t love these. That being said, I did get alot of compliments when I was wearing them! And I did love the way they looked with my hot pink neon clutch….

butter LONDON Nail Skin Stickers retail for $10, but I picked mine up on clearance at Ulta for $5. There is no way I would pay the full price for these. They just don’t wear well enough!


11 responses to “butter LONDON Nail Skin Stickers Leopard

  1. they look furryyy.

  2. These nails are fierce! Bahaha get it?

  3. Agree with furry comments. Not my fav for leopard stickers. Kiss’ KDS10 version is the best I’ve tried. I love doing just the ring finger in leopard or cutting the stickers in strips to make stripes. The best combo I’ve done was OPI Planks A Lot with two thin diagonal leopard stripes on the ring finger.

    • Ohhh…cutting these are a good idea!

      I haven’t tried Kiss products in ages. I’m always tempted to pick something of theirs up when I’m at the drugstore…

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