Nail Art: German Flag

Euro 2012 is finally here! I’m not a huge soccer fan, but I do love watching the Euro Cup. I got turned onto soccer during the 2006 World Cup. I happened to be in Europe at the time and the soccer craze was unavoidable. Once I came home, some of that craze stuck!

I always cheer for Germany during these types of events. So being the nail addict that I am, I wanted to do a little nail art in honor of the occasion.

For my Germany manicure I had to use Essie Over the Top. I originally purchased Over the Top because I was cheering for Germany during the last Euro Cup! So, I used that for my overall base and for the flag colors I used SinfulColors Pull Over and Sally Hansen Diamonds & Rubies. There were no tools involved in this manicure, the “flag” accent nail was just free handed.

Is anyone else excited about Euro 2012? Germany plays their first game today at 2:45 (Eastern). I can’t wait!

There are more pictures below the jump.


3 responses to “Nail Art: German Flag

  1. I am torn as to what to devote my viewing time to both based on what I get televised where I live and just time constraints. I am really excited for the Stanley Cup (ice hockey) going on now – Go KINGS (since I am from CA originally). Right now being a HUGE tennis fan am just ended this weekend the French Open. I am always a big PGA fan during season. And now with the NBA long strike we we are having the NBA finals going at this time of year. Just realized that I will be hospitalized and in a really long reahb time away from home for about 2 months for that during the Olympics – I sure hope I get a good TV in the rooms I will enhance for that!

    • There are so many great sporting events going on right now! I have no idea what I’m going to do next week when the Euro Cup and the US Open (golf) are on. I need multiple TV sets!

  2. Since getting with my boyfriend I have become quite a soccer fan! Unfortunately we can’t watch the games at home as we don’t have the channels, but i like hearing who wins.

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