wet n wild megalast Club Havana

If you’re still unsure about the orange trend this is the perfect polish to finally give it a try! I picked this polish up on a recent trip to CVS. For quite awhile I’ve had my eye on Club Havana and finally I decided for $1.99 what was the worse that could happen?

Club Havana is a beautiful sherbet orange creme. It looks so creamy and shiny on the nail! The formula isn’t great but it’s not terrible either. It can be a bit streaky but is opaque in two coats with careful application. The careful application is worth it, though, for not only the gorgeous color but the wonderful wear!

I’m a huge fan of the wet n wild mega last line. For more info on this line of polishes and pictures of the brush and bottle, etc check out my post on I Need a Refresh Mint.

I did another manicure with this polish and topped it with wet n wild fastdry The two polishes together were perfect! There’s a swatch of that manicure along with a few other pictures of Club Havana below the jump.

Have you hopped on the orange trend? If so, what’s your favorite orange polish? If not, what are you waiting for!


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