Nail Art: Polka Dot Tips

Seriously, I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved polka dots! They just never stop on this blog. I would apologize but I’m not really that sorry.

Anyway, I was wearing JulieG Gelato in Venice, which I really do love, but I did get bored after a few days plus I had a bit of tip wear. I was trying to think of ways to remedy this situation without doing an entirely new manicure because, as usual, I was running late. So instead of doing just a regular old French tip, I just added polka dots using Ulta Snow White along the tips. I used the bobby pin from my DIY dotting tool post to make the dots.

This turned out to be a super simple way to give a manicure a bit of a face lift. The best part is the combinations are endless!

There is another swatch below the jump 🙂


13 responses to “Nail Art: Polka Dot Tips

  1. I can’t get enough of the polka dots either! They turn out great every single time!!

  2. Just did another dotty mani! 😀 They look great no matter what!

  3. Super cute and a great idea. You might have just invented the polka dot french manicure 🙂

  4. SWEET! Kind of reminds me of very cute elephants feet! Or maybe I just need a good night’s sleep… ;))

  5. It’s cute. Looks like teeth 😛

  6. I love this! So easy and cute for beginning nail artists! I’m pinning and sharing with my fans!


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  8. That looks really great! Have to try it on my own 🙂


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