Julep Robin

If you caught my post the other day over on The Daily Varnish Extra you know I got my first ever Julep Maven box! In the past Katie had sent me several Julep polishes but it was exciting none the less to get a box in the mail.

Robin is one of two polishes that came in June’s Boho Glam box and it is exactly what you would think. A gorgeous Robin’s egg blue creme. The application was wonderful. I only used 2 coats in my swatch.

I’m definitely a fan of this nail polish. I wore with a navy dress with sparse white polka dots and a red lip. Basically, I was totally copying Taylor Swift in this candid. I loved the look!

For more info on our adventures with Julep check out Katie’s super organized document on her Julep Boxes. If you want to give Julep a try head over to julep.com and take the style quiz. Currently there are 2 codes to get your first box for a penny; COLORS4ONE and PENNY. Either code should work.

For good measure there is a macro shot below the jump.

I’d love to hear about what you go in your June Julep Maven box!


6 responses to “Julep Robin

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  2. oh my goodness! this colour is beautiful. how comparable is it to For Audrey by China Glaze? It seems more darker than the China Glaze one, judging from these pictures.

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