Celeb Nails: Beyonce

Truth be told, I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan. Or even really a fan at all. But when I see a cute manicure that would be simple to recreate I can’t help myself! I saw this picture of Beyonce’s nails during her Memorial Day concert and had to give it a try.

This manicure was the perfect opportunity to use the polishes that came in the OPI Heat Waves set. I can’t say prior to seeing Beyonce’s manicure I ever thought I’d use them together but hey, one never knows what the future will bring!

Beyonce had her thumb and pointy nail done a bright pink and the other three nails were a bright orange. OPI La Paz-itively Hot and OPI Hot & Spicy worked perfectly to recreate the look.

I ended up really loving this manicure. The colors are super trendy as is the color blocking. That being said, I did alter my version a bit from Beyonce’s. First of all, I obviously don’t have Beyonce’s nail shape. Which, coincidentally I think makes this manicure a bit more wearable. Secondly, I lost the naked nail. Naked nails really kind of creep me out. So on the other hand I just switched the colors; orange on the thumb and pointer, and pink on the rest of the nails.

Below the jump there’s a more proper swatch as well as a picture of the super cute OPI Heat Waves set.


11 responses to “Celeb Nails: Beyonce

  1. Very pretty combo and so perfectly polished.

  2. Honestly, the shape of B’s nails creep me out more than that bare one! What’s with the naked nail, anyway? We can’t see the rest of her right hand, but I’m wondering what she had painted on the rest, if anything.

    • I hate her nail shape, as well. I want that trend to die!

      I looked at other pictures and it looked like the rest of her nails were painted I just couldn’t find a high enough quality image to really see her nails!

  3. Haha, exactly what Emily said! I love your mani though, beautiful!

    • I agree with Emily too! Love your version way better. I’ve tried similar colours (from the Holland collection) for a gradient mani and it looks great too!

  4. Super cute! I love the color blocking and simplicity of re-creating this look. 🙂

  5. That is so very cute, I’d like to try that for my nest mani. Great post b

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