Revlon ColorStay Provence

I mentioned in my post on Marmalade from this same line of polish that I picked up Provence when CVS was running a killer sale on Revlon polishes. I got this polish, which usually retails for around $8, for $.99! I picked this particular shade for a couple of reasons. First, when I hear Provence, I immediately think of two of my favorite things; France and wine. And secondly, I have very few pale purple polishes that actually have a decent formula. I still have nightmares about Essie Lilacism! Buttercup is a pale yellow from this line and really impressed me, so I figured I’d give pale purple a try.

Provence is a very pale purple creme. It has slight blue undertones but nothing very noticeable. The color is really lovely and understated. And the best part…the formula is wonderful. I did use three coats, but the formula wasn’t thin, runny or streaky.

I truly am a fan of the Revlon ColorStay line and I was very skeptical when I initially tried it. That was very apparent in my post on Vintage Rose. But, I have been won over!

Below the jump are a couple of shots of when I layered essence Gagalectric over Provence. It turned out really lovely.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the ColorStay line. Especially if you’ve found a color you think I should check out!


10 responses to “Revlon ColorStay Provence

  1. I have this one and was impressed by it, too.

  2. Love that color, think that might be the first one I’ll try from that lone. Out of curiosity, how long do the Revlonn ColorStay polishes last you? Which TC do you use with them?

    • I’ve been using Rush 60 Second top coat and have had good results. I have found these wear 4 days or so before I feel like I need a new manicure. But I cannot stand any type of tip wear so I tend to change my polish often.

      • Sheltiemama

        Are there polishes Orly Bonder doesn’t work with? I was planning on getting a bottle. I haven’t found my perfect base coat. My polish tends to separate from my nail starting at the edges no matter what I use. I use SV topcoat.

      • I’ve used Orly Bonder in the past and have never run into any issues. But these Revlon polishes are supposed to have a gel like consistency…so perhaps that makes a difference. I have run into issues with SV, though. It really doesn’t agree with Butter London polishes, for example.

        My favorite basecoat is CND Sticky.

  3. I have this shade (and Buttercup) – LOVE this line from Revlon and I am NOT a drugstore polish fan AT ALL. I still need Coastal Surf to round out my new formulation Color Stay shades I HAD to have once I found the finish did give me a 10 day mani. For Raquel – I do use SV top coat and my fav Orly base in Armour or OPI’s Nail Envy (original) – I bought the Revlon Color stay base and topper and found it held up better with my fav base and top coats. I also will maybe day 5 put on 1 sheer new layer of color and a new topper to clean up the growth line or tip wear. Don’t use with Orly Bonder base coat – it’s like a rubbery base and this formula pops off like a fake nail would with that base.

    • That’s interesting about the Orly Bonder. I’ve been wondering if I should try the top and base coat from this line and after reading that I might just have to give them a go!

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  6. I don’t have a comment on this color, but I had a professional apply Colorstay’s marmalade with my pedicure on April 1st. Today is April 24th. It still looks great. I will have it redone tomorrow because at 3 1/2 weeks my nails have grown, but the polish has not chipped or substantially faded. Great stuff. I just wish they had more colors in this line because it’s the only one I want to use from now on. I tried it because an acquaintance commented on the staying power of their Colorstay lipstick. I’m trying it tomorrow, too!

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