Pixi Luminous Lilac

Pixi Luminous LilacIt was pretty obvious I wasn’t overly impressed with the first Pixi polish I tried; Vivid Coral. So I wasn’t expected too much from Luminous Lilac, honestly. But! I was pleasantly surprised….I ended up loving this polish!

Luminous Lilac pink  leaning lilac with gorgeous subtle shimmer. Just looking at it in the bottle I thought it was a plain old lilac creme. I was wrong! The shimmer is really what makes this polish unique. This polish is very subtle and chic but not boring. Which is often hard to find.

I was also impressed with the formula. Whenever a shade is pale I’m worried to formula will be thin, runny and/or sheer. This is none of those things. The formula applies beautifully and is very pigmented. I only used 2 coats in my swatch.

Obviously, I’m a fan of this polish. It’s such a nice break from all the bright colors I’ve been wearing this Spring. During the Spring and Summer I do wear alot of bright clothes so having a subtle polish like this that still has some color is essential for me. Another of my favorite of these types of polishes is SinfulColors Beverly Hills, though it does lack the pretty shimmer Luminous Lilac has.

This is definitely a polish I think is worth trying if you’re wanting to try Pixi polishes but you want something that’s a bit unique. Pixi just recently launched their polish line and is available at Target and on Pixi’s website and are $8 for .25oz.

For bottle and brush pictures check out my post on Vivid Coral. To get a good look at the shimmer in Luminous Lilac check out the macro shot below the jump.

The product(s) used in this post were provided to TDV for review. For more information check out our disclosure policy.


Pixi Luminous Lilac 2 Pixi Luminous Lilac MACRO

7 responses to “Pixi Luminous Lilac

  1. Not really a pink fan, but I do like the shimmer in this – stops it from being yet ANOTHER pink!

  2. I Love this color!!! So pretty for the Spring/Summer time! Thanks for posting :]

    -Melanie Gordon
    Independent Scentsy Consultant

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