JulieG Gelato in Venice

When I did my Top 10 Polishes of 2011 post I surprised myself when it included a polish from Jesse’s Girl. That’s just not a brand that was really on my radar. But when I found out JulieG713, one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, was doing her own collection with Jesse’s Girl I wanted to try one of her polishes. I ended up LOVING Party Dress. I wore the crap out of that polish last Fall! So when Julie announced she was going to have her own polish line that was being manufactured by Jesse’s Girl I was super excited.

I finally spotted the JulieG polish line at Rite Aid about a week ago and picked up Geltao in Venice. Not only did the color look gorgeous in the bottle I love about anything named after an Italian city and who doesn’t love gelato?

Anyway, on to the nail polish. Gelato in Venice is a beautiful minty pale green creme. It’s not too minty though, if that makes any sense. The only true mint green polish I have in my collection is wet n wild I Need a Refresh-Mint and it has significantly more blue.

Like Party Dress, the formula of this polish is superb. Especially for being such a pale color. The formula is on the thicker side, but not hard to deal with, and very opaque. I only used 2 coats in my swatch.

I am so impressed with this polish! I will definitely be trying some other JulieG polishes in the future. JulieG polishes are available at Rite Aid (and on jessesgirlcosmetics.com) and retail for $3.99.

Below the jump there are pictures of the bottle (which I love), the brush and just for good measure a picture of the best gelato I’ve ever had (which also shows my naked nails…scary!). I bought it from a street vendor in Sorrento, Italy and no gelato since has even come close. Surely I can convince some polish brand to make a polish called Gelato in Sorrento….

The best gelato I’ve ever had. Not in Venice, but in Sorrento.


12 responses to “JulieG Gelato in Venice

  1. Uncrop your face, blondie 🙂 Pretty polish. Might have to go snag one.
    Rite Aid?

  2. Not seeing these in my Rite Aide yet. Agree – it’s not too minty – also not chalky looking like these hues can be at times.

  3. LOVE this color!!!!!

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