Nailspiration: Duccio Venturi Neon Heels

If you saw my tweet yesterday surely you realized something must be amiss. Me? Playing around with neons? Well, a few days ago Alli sent me this picture of Duccio Venturi’s Neon Pumps. I decided to use it as some nailspiration and break out my Electrocandy and Poptastic Color Club collections that I purchased from Ross over two years ago.

I reviewed the entire Poptastic set, but never got around to Electrocandy – I’m just not that into neons. I will say that the Electrocandy polishes are fun and interesting because of their subtle shimmers and flashes.

For my neon skittles I used Tangerine Scream, Electrocandy, What a Shock, and Volt of Light from Electrocandy and my favorite from the Poptastic collection: Warhol.

Each polish did take 3-4 coats, though that’s not uncommon and of course they are much brighter in person – the pictures are color accurate. I topped them off with a coat of Essie’s Good to Go.

All in all, I have to admit…even though I’m not generally a neon fan – this mani was a lot of fun to look at and it fits right in with this summer’s neon trend. I had fun with it, so there are a few more pictures under the jump.

So… what do you think about neons and neon skittles? Is it something you’d try?

Happy Saturday!



Bottle Shot:






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3 responses to “Nailspiration: Duccio Venturi Neon Heels

  1. I’m not really a neon polish lover (I like my darker shades) but I love this look! The hot pink is especially vibrant – love it!

    • I’m more of a vampy girl too. The one in the middle is one I’d actually wear – it was my favorite from the Poptastic colllection. It’s just an awesome hot pink. Not so unique but I like it a lot.

  2. PERFECT for summertime! Love the bright eye catching colors!

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