Nailspiration: 50 Shades of Grey

It’s a Friday before a holiday weekend so we can be kind of silly today, right? Several months ago I started hearing about Fifty Shades of Grey and eventually I decided I had to read it. Before I started reading the book I didn’t actually know what it was about so to say the least it was an interesting read.

But anyway, this isn’t a book review, this is a nail polish blog! I used the book as my inspiration for this manicure. I’ve been wearing so many neons and crazy colors recently I wanted something more muted but still not boring. I also wanted to give this mismatched manicure another try.

For my “50” shades of grey I used Essie Power Clutch, OPI Metallic 4 Life, China Glaze Pelican Gray and Concrete Catwalk. All the nail art I did was simple but using similar colors gave it a more cohesive look than my Charlotte Observer inspired manicure.

This was a fun manicure to do and fun to wear for a short period of time but I wasn’t completely enamored by this manicure. I was definitely more enamored by the book…..

Please let me know if you’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey so I don’t feel so crazy! It seems like it’s one of those books everyone is reading but no one will admit to it. But here I am, yet again, admitting something slightly embarrassing on this blog!

There is another swatch below the jump where you can actually see my thumb nail 🙂


13 responses to “Nailspiration: 50 Shades of Grey

  1. I haven’t read the book, but I did read it way back when it was twilight fanfiction. That story is a crazypants, dramariffic soap opera, huh? Like, train wreck entertainment where you just gotta see what comes up next, lol!!

    I like that mani, though. The colors and designs all look perfect together!

    • While I was reading it all I could think was how bad it was but then I couldn’t stop!

      • Lol, exactly! It was funny to watch how much more outrageous each chapter got in the original version, but I still had to keep going!! It’s like trashy reality tv, ya know? It might be dumb, but it’s mindless entertainment at its finest–and it’s good to roll your eyes and laugh sometimes 😉

        Looking forward to your next post, I really enjoy your blog!

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  3. I read all three in the triliogy in 4 days. So don’t worry you aren’t alone.

  4. I’ve not read the book, I’m still on the fence if I want to or not. I’ve read tons of reviews and know it’s poorly written, but who doesn’t need a good giggle? The funniest thing I’ve heard was someone called it “Mommy Smut”, I’d hope my mother has better taste!

    All the same I love the nails. It works more for my style that then way it was done for the Charlotte Observer manicure. I’d also try it in reds and deep burgundies.

    • It’s certainly not the best written book in the world but I think people are really harsh on 50 Shades because it was Twilight fanfic and people HATE Twilight. It’s not as poorly written as it has been made out to be, in my opinion at least.

      It’s a great book for a quick, entertaining read. And that was all it was meant to be.

      • I may have to give it a try if it’s not that poorly written. I mean really, are most romance novels great literature? All the same, I’m generally reading them for some entertainment, and it’s not like I could do much better I’m sure. I will say I commend anyone who can go from fanfics to being published, it’s a big accomplishment in my mind.

  5. OH GIRL!!!!!! i am nail blogger @DreaminOfPolish and i am now rereading the series for a 2nd time. i was having Christian Grey withdrawals after less than 48 hours of finishing the series. i am in love with the story & totally loving this gray mani!!!! I’ve been wanting to do the same! love it!

  6. Love the idea and the nails look great. It’s a great homage to the novels, which I found tantalizing.

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