OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps Fishnet

I must confess…I’m a bit addicted to nail strips, appliques, whatever a given company wants to call them! It’s just so nice to do your nails and know your manicure is going to stay in tact for more than a few days. So when I saw OPI started making them I had to give them a go. I spotted the display at Ulta. There were actually 2 displays…one labeled “cream” and one labeled “shimmer.” I pretty quickly settled on the Fishnet design. It’s actually the design featured on the cream display which I find interesting since there is obviously shimmer in this design….

Anyway…Fishnet is a shimmery aqua with a fishnet overlay. I love this design for Spring and Summer. It’s just so fun and different for a fishnet design.

These OPI strips are made from real nail polish. I much prefer these kind of nail appliques to those that are more like stickers such as the Julep Nail Appliques or Nail Rock Nail Wraps.

For all the details on application, removal, etc, etc check below the jump!

Packaging: There is nothing special about this packaging. It came with 16 nail strips in a shrink wrapped package. There was nothing aside from the nail strips in the package. No nail file or wooden stick or acetone wipe which I was fine with. I don’t generally use those extra things anyway.

The only instructions for this product were on the back of the packaging; they were simple and straightforward. But if you are a first time user of nail strips that may make you a bit nervous.

I did like that OPI warns you that these nail strips will dry out. The Sally Hansen Salon Effects will also dry out but I never saw any type of warning on their packaging. Lets just say….I learned the hard way that you have to reseal the strips if there are any leftover!

Application, Wear & Removal: Application, wear and removal of these nail strips was identical to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. I did a very detailed post on that so if you missed it you can check it out here. I see no need to rehash that here. I do want to add that despite the fact OPI claims that a base and top coat are not necessary with these strips I used both anyway.

Day 4

I really did enjoy wearing this nail apps as OPI is calling them. I wouldn’t shut up about it on Twitter!

For the most part these are identical to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects which are slightly cheaper. The OPI strips were $11.95 at Ulta. So unless there is an OPI design you’re just dying to get your hands on I’d opt for the more affordable Sally Hansen version.


7 responses to “OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps Fishnet

  1. ‘Sighs’ Gorgeous.

    Can anyone explain to me why none of these types of nail products come in multiples of ten?? Don’t fingernails ordinarily come ten to a customer? What do you do with the 6 you have left? (I notice you mention to reseal them IF you have any left over…)

    Or perhaps the extra six are for ‘four-letter moments’… 😉

  2. I can’t wait to try these! How do you reseal them?

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