Nail Art: Alternating Polka Dots

I’m kind of crazy about polka dots. Not only when it comes to nail art…I wear alot of polka dots. Along the way I’ve done several polka dot manicures, including an Auburn themed manicure and the ever popular Neon Polka Dots manicure. But this polka dot manicure is a bit different.

For this manicure I did alternating polka dots and base colors. So for half of the nails I used a base of Ulta Snow White and Essie Bazooka for the polka dots. On the other nails I used Essie Bazooka over Ulta Snow White as a base and Ulta Snow White for the polka dots.

I loved this manicure. I loved it so much I even tweeted a picture of it. It was so much fun to wear and I was constantly getting compliments on it. But the best thing about this manicure is the combinations are endless!

As usual, I did not use a dotting tool. I just used the large end of a bobby pin. Worked perfectly!

There is another swatch below the jump.


12 responses to “Nail Art: Alternating Polka Dots

  1. How cute is that?! 🙂

  2. Denise Shively

    I love this! The alternating polka dots are too cute 🙂

  3. I have a matte black, I’ll have to try that with some glossy polka dots in white or red, maybe even blue.

  4. Really cute and perfect for summer!

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